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The Division 2: Titanium guide - How to get and farm Titanium

How to get your hands on Titanium.

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This page explains where to find Titanium and farm it in The Division 2.

As you progress through endgame content in The Division 2 you’ll find the crafting system a very useful tool to get your gear up to scratch.

Turns out Titanium is one of the most sought after crafting materials, but also one of the toughest to get quickly. It’s used for making all sorts of weapons types from the blueprints you’ve found around the world so it’s definitely something you want to be stocking up on.

Below we’ve outlined how to get hold of Titanium and some of the best ways to get it as quickly as possible.

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How to get Titanium in The Division 2

Like practically all of the crafting materials in The Division 2, Titanium is a random drop when you go about looting backpacks, boxes, dead corpses and the like. However, there are ways to eliminate some of the RNG surrounding Titanium drops by visiting spots where you’re more likely to encounter it.

One clue lies directly in Titanium’s description as the Outcasts apparently like to make use of the stuff. With this in mind, you’ll want to enter Outcast controlled territory or enter Outcast based missions and eliminate as many members of this faction as possible.

This video by SleepY0 illustrates the Dark Zone method nicely. Skip to around 4:06 to get straight to it.

If there’s one place you want to gathering tonnes of Titanium, though - it’s the Dark Zone. You’ll want to go to landmarks in Dark Zone areas and clear them of enemies as there’s a very high chance that enemies in these areas, as well as chests, will drop Titanium.

What’s more, enemies in the Dark Zone are likely to drop around 3+ Titanium, so after a few mobs you could be hitting some very high Titanium numbers.

To speed up the process, we’d recommend heading into the Dark Zone with some mates and clearing out landmarks over and over again. It’s a little tedious, but easily the best way to farm Titanium while also bagging yourself some juicy endgame loot too.

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