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The Division 2: Printer Filament guide - How to get Printer Filament

How to get your hands on Printer Filament.

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This page explains how to get Printer Filament in The Division 2.

The Division 2’s home to a crafting system which’ll turn your scraps into useful, and often powerful loot. One item you’ll find yourself needing for a lot of crafting are Printer Filaments.

Printer Filaments are used to craft advanced skill mods and all sorts of other goodies which you’ll definitely want to get your hands on.

To help you get your hands on some, we’ve put together a guide which’ll show you where and how you can earn them.

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How to get Printer Filament in The Division 2

We’ve got some slightly bad news for you. You can’t seem to find Printer Filament out in the game world, instead, you’ll need to deconstruct items in order to earn it.

Thankfully, you can get Printer Filament dropped from deconstructing practically any rarity of item. This means you don’t need to deconstruct valuable stuff, but instead deconstruct a host of items which you don’t need anyway.

We’d recommend also acquiring the “Deconstruction” perk as early as possible. Earn the first rank and it’ll increase the number of materials you’ll obtain when deconstructing items. Level it up again and it’ll increase your chances of receiving rarer materials from the process.

To get some quickly, we’d recommend clearing out Control Points, completing Side Missions and just generally cracking on with anything that’ll drop you gear. It’s then a case of not ignoring any piece of equipment that’s dropped, no matter how bad it is. Finally, go ahead and deconstruct all the gear you don’t need and hope you get a batch of Printer Filament for your efforts.

We’d recommend watching the video by Gamers Heroes up above as it illustrates the method we’ve outlined above. Don’t forget to drop a like or consider subscribing for more helpful Division 2 content like this.

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