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The Division 2: How to share items

Here's how to drop items for your teammates.

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This page explains how to drop and share items with your teammates in The Division 2.

The Division 2’s a looter shooter, and this means you’ll be doing a lot of two things - looting and shooting.

Throughout the game you’ll be earning all sorts of new weapons and armour pieces which’ll go towards increasing your gear score. This then allows you to dish out more damage, make use of special perks and access higher level activities.

Of course, you may be playing The Division 2 with a group of mates to speed up the process of reaching the endgame, or just for a bit more of a laugh when capturing Control Points and the like.

This means you may pick up a piece of loot which is particularly powerful, but not something that suits your playstyle. Thankfully, there’s an option to give this item to your teammates so they can make better use of it, rather than just have it sit in your backpack forever.

However, finding the option to share items with your allies isn’t particularly intuitive. To help you out, we’ve put together a very quick “how-to” which’ll have you sharing items in no time.

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How to share items in The Division 2

The process is actually pretty simple, but hidden away in a pretty unsuspecting place. Here’s how to give items to your teammates:

  • First off, you need to be in a party with whomever you want to give items to.
  • Navigate to the item in your inventory and hover over it with your cursor.
  • From here, press down on the left analog stick or right click with your mouse.
  • This will bring up the Item Options menu.
  • From this menu, simply scroll down and select “Share”.
  • Doing this will drop the weapon on the ground so your party members can grab it if they want to.

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