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The Division 2: How to get Gear Dyes

Where to find Gear Dyes in The Division 2.

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This page outlines where to find Gear Dyes in The Division 2.

As you progress through The Division 2 you’ll unlock tonnes of loot, and much of it will be armour you can equip. Whether it be knee-pads, a backpack or a brand new face mask, at first you won’t have any control of whatever colour it comes in.

However, through the magic of Gear Dyes, you can tint your armour to suit your style. Sure, your mate might have better equipment stats wise, but when it comes down to it, you’ll look snazzier out on the battlefield - and that’s all that matters.

Getting your hands on Gear Dye isn’t actually as obvious as heading to a shop or cracking open a few boxes lying around. Below we’ve outlined a reliable way of earning Gear Dyes in The Division 2 which shouldn’t take too much effort at all.

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How to get Gear Dyes in The Division 2

Thanks to the efforts of the folks over at Arekkz Gaming, there seems to be a simple way of getting Gear dyes in The Division 2.

Make sure you watch the video we’ve linked by Arekkz Gaming just above as it contains locations for finding Gear Dyes in The Division 2.

The method involves exploring Washington and keeping an eye out for any orange supply crates snagged on the environment.

Basically, you’ll just want to keep an eye on trees and keep your eyes pointed to the sky whenever you’re entering an area with lots of overhanging bits. Once you’ve spotted one, simply shoot it and its contents will spill onto the surface below.

Typically these orange crates will contain three pieces of loot, usually some armour pieces on top of the Gear Dye.

It’s worth mentioning that Gear Dye doesn’t allow you to choose whatever colour you want upon application. They’ll all be labelled a certain colour, like “Solid Crimson” and - you guessed it - that’s the colour your gear will turn if you use it.

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