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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Camp needs guide

Everything you need to know about keeping your camp stocked up.

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Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp needs guide explains how to keep your camp happy and explains how food, ammo and medicine supplies can be restocked.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is such a vast game filled with so many things to do, it’s easy to get lost in the many substories and side activities on offer. If anything, it wants you to. Trouble is, you’re a member of Dutch’s gang as well, and this means you’ve got a duty to invest some time in the camp, whether you like it or not.

Keep the camp stocked up on food, supplies and medicine, and it’ll be a nicer place to be. Camp members will be more likely to have conversations with you, they’ll donate their fair share to camp supplies and it’ll raise your honor too.

Neglect the camp and it’ll descend into a horrible, grubby place to be. Members will lose morale, become less talkative and donate less, meaning you’ll have to bear the brunt of the financial burden to keep things ticking over or turn things around.

Below we’ll outline all the camp demands, how to keep a steady supply trickling in and what it all means for you.

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Camp Needs: Overview

Your gang needs food, ammunition and medicine to stay happy.

There are a total of three supply level that indicate whether the gang has enough of a specific item or not. They’ll cycle between three different colours depending on if stocks are low or abundant.

  • Gold: There is an abundance of items.
  • White: A good supply.
  • Red: Low supplies.

You’ll need to donate various supplies in order to keep the three main categories topped up, and in turn, keep everyone happy. Here’s how to do so:

  • Food/Provisions: Hunt animals and bring the carcasses back to Pearson.
  • Ammo/Weapons: Use the gang ledger* to donate money and restock ammo supplies.
  • Medicine: Again, donate money through the ledger to pay for medicine restocks.

*The ledger is unlocked once you've done your first debt collection mission "Money Lending and Other Sins". Once you've unlocked the ledger, it will appear right next to the camp donation box.

Video by I.Eat.Games

There are many other activities you can participate in around camp that’ll boost morale and increase your honor rating, so it’s well worth getting involved in the stuff we’ve listed below:

  • Complete chores around camp (chopping wood, for example).
  • Complete item requests from gang members.
  • Craft Pearson’s camp decorations.
  • Purchase lodging upgrades.
  • Donate money and items to the tithing box.

If you've just unlocked the camp, have a good wander about and chat with as many of your fellow gang members as possible. It's important that you check out all of the features and soak up as much info as possible so you're not drastically overwhelmed by everything (like we were).

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