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Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Animals guide - All locations

How to find all 15 Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals guide has the locations for the Buck, Big Horn Ram, Bison, Wolf, Elk, Bharati Grizzly Bear, Moose, Beaver, Boar, Bull Gator, Fox, Coyote, Bison, Pronghorn and Cougar.

Spread across the wilds of Red Dead Redemption 2's massive map are a series of Legendary animals which you can hunt down for fun and profit.

Many of these also play into other quests in the game, such as the Talisman missions which provide you with some very helpful passive benefits.

In our Legendary Animals guide, we've pulled together a complete list of every one of these creatures, and provided crystal clear information on how to track down each one.

If you think we've missed anything then do let us know in the comments - we'll be sure to add the extra detail in with our next update.

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Legendary Animal List

There are 15 Legendary Animals to hunt down in total. Here's a complete list of them, along with a little bit of extra insight into how to track each one of them down.

  • Legendary Beaver - This creature can be found by travelling west from the Van Horn Trading Post. Search the river when you come to it to find the Beaver.
  • Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear - Appropriately enough you'll be able to find the Legendary Bear by travelling to the Grizzlies, and search within the vicinity of the icon on the map.
  • Legendary Big Horn Ram - This next creature can be found by travelling north-west from Valentine and can often be found right by the ram icon that's on your map.
  • Legendary Bison - At the north-west tip of the map is Lake Isabella. Go head and head left of the bison icon on your map to start stalking your prey.
  • Legendary Boar - Head to Bluewater Marsh, and then search the area just above the first “A” in the name of the zone on your map.
  • Legendary Buck - Head west of Mount Shann into the Black Bones Forest until you pass the deer icon on your map. You'll eventually come to a grove where this beast can be found.
  • Legendary Bull Gator - Your next target can be located by heading to the Bayou NWS region of the map, then investigating the area to the east of Hagen Orchards.
  • Legendary Cougar - This next beast can be found near the Pronghorn (see below), and can be found prowling towards the west of Tumbleweed.
  • Legendary Coyote - Head north-west of Rhodes until you come to Old Greenbank Mill. You'll find your prey around this area.
  • Legendary Elk - Head east of Bacchus Station and then follow the scent of your prey until you come across the Elk.
  • Legendary Fox - Travel north of Rhodes and look for the area called Mattock Pond. Start your hunt for the Legendary Fox in this area.
  • Legendary Moose - North of Annesburg (and right on the north-eastern tip of the map) is an area called Brandywine Drop. Head north of here and you'll soon find your Moose.
  • Legendary Pronghorn - Head south of Armadillo and keep going until you find yourself on the eastern side of Rio Bravo. The Pronghorn can be found in the vicinity of Rio Del Lobo Rock.
  • Legendary Tatanka Bison - South-east of Thieves Landing is an area called Stillwater Creek. Head directly south from this location on your map and you'll be able to start tracking the Legendary Tatanka Bison.
  • Legendary Wolf - You'll find the wolf by trekking just east of Cotorra Springs. It's very often found right at the top of the wolf icon that appears on your map.

If you prefer a visual guide to tracking down your targets, we reckon this video by YouTuber HarryNinteyFour is about as good as it gets. If you find it useful, give them a thumbs-up and consider subscribing to their channel.

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