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Red Dead Redemption 2: Hats locations guide - Where to find all stolen and found hats

How get every hat in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Hats guide contains a list of where to find every found and stolen hat in the game.

You can head into any general store and buy a nice hat, but there’s a handful of unique hats that can only be found across Red Dead Redemption 2’s map. We’re not talking a nice bowler hat, we’re talking the likes of viking helmets here.

Below we’ve listed all the special hats and where to find them:

If you've found any hats we've not listed, feel free to let us know in the comments section and we'll feature it here!

Big thanks goes to all the Youtubers we've featured in this article: xGarbett, RobbinRams, Baylen Latona, Lunar Gaming, Muky and Enzyme77.

All Found/Stolen Hats

Tricorn Hat

This hat is located inside the shipwreck on Flat Iron Lake’s largest island. To get here, you’ll need to get hold of boat, so scan the shore until you stumble into one. You can also purchase one for your camp too.

Miner’s Hat

On a dead body deep inside Beryl’s Dream mine. Press the plunger at the entrance to blow the rocks away and crawl through the hole to enter this area. You will need a lantern to illuminate the cave, so make sure you equip it before going in.

Morion Helmet

At the very top of Mount Hagen you’ll bump into a frozen settler. The Morion Helmet can be collected from their corpse.

Nevada Hat

It’s behind the waterfall next to Window Rock. Be careful when making your way round to the centre of the waterfall.

Viking Helmet

It’s North of Annesburg inside a tomb near the Roanoke River. Head inside and you’ll find a Viking Helmet, Viking Hatchet and the Ancient Viking Comb (tucked behind some skulls which you can shoot).

Civil War Hat

Inside the civil war fort basement. Head into the fort and look for a way down a ladder into the basement. You will find both the hat and a Civil War Knife down here too.

Scarecrow Hat

On the head of scarecrow, southwest of Heartland Overflow. To obtain it, you’ll need to shoot the hat off, and likely alert the entire farmstead in the process. Get a mask on and you should have no trouble fleeing once you’ve nabbed it.

Scarecrow Derby Hat

On a scarecrow in the Braithwaite Manor’s cornfield.

Cattleman + Cutter + Rodeo Hat

You’ll find these hats on three NPCs on the small farm east of Flatneck Station.. They spawn seemingly at random and their hats are always different, so you’ll need a bit of luck on your side.

Conductor’s Hat

This one’s a bit of a mystery. It seems that you’ll need to attract the attention of a random conductor NPC when committing a crime. Steal their hat and you’ll add it to your collection.

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Moonshine + Flop Hat

Make your way to Emerald Ranch in the Heartlands. There are two NPCs which will spawn during random hours of the day and wear these hats.

Wide Slouch + Panama + Jipijapa Panama Hat

  • Wide Slouch - On an NPC around the Ambarino area, southwest from Window Rock. Hunt down NPCs who are travelling down the from mountain.
  • Panama Fedora - Go inside the Rhodes post office during the afternoon and locate an NPC with the hat on.
  • Jipijapa Panama - There’s a farm northeast of Rhodes. Look for an NPC with glasses on during the afternoon.

Slouch Bucket + Bag + Worn Stovepipe + Roanoke Hat

Make your way to Butcher’s Creek in New Hanover and steal these hats from the swamp folk.

Homburg + Gaucho + Farmer’s Hat

All of these hats can be found in an around Strawberry. Particularly on stagecoach drivers near this area.

Crown Bucket + Western Homburg

These hats can be found on NPCs in and around Annesburg.

Plantation Gambler + Boater Hat

  • Plantation Gambler - On one particular guard who patrols Braithwaite Manor.
  • Boater - In the post office at Rhodes. One particular NPC will have this hat on during the afternoon.

Sun Hat

Can be found on an NPC in Guarma.

Bolero + Straw + Pinned Hat

All of these hats can be found on NPCs in Fort Mercer.

Military Mountie Hat

Can be found during any mission where you’re working for the Indian Reservation.

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