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Realm Royale: Best Armour - Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Mage & Warrior

A list of the best armour available for every class in Realm Royale.

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Our Realm Royale Best Armour page contains a list of all the best armour pieces in the game for the Hunter, Engineer, Assassin, Mage and Warrior classes.

While Realm Royale’s weapons and abilities are often the centre of attention, you can’t neglect the importance of picking up a strong, sturdy armour piece. Sure they don’t shoot plasma balls or blast targets to smithereens, but they do provide incredibly useful stat bonuses that’ll save your skin when on the receiving end of a shotgun shell to the face.

The very best Armour pieces in Realm Royale offer all sorts of bonuses like increased Mount Speed, Swap Speed and Cooldown Reduction. So not only will a decent piece of armour heavily reduce damage taken, it may also boost your sleight of hand when reloading or decrease the time it takes to hop on your mount.

In the sections below we’ve broken down all the different armour stats in Realm Royale with details on what bonuses they provide, as well as all the stats for the strongest armour pieces in the game.

As Realm Royale continues to evolve over time, we'll be updating this page with all the latest armour pieces and their stats when they're introduced to the game. Keep this page bookmarked to stay up to date with all the info!

When you're done here, why not check out our All Weapons Tier List page as well as our Best Weapons guide for an overview of all the weapons you should be equipping!

All Armour Bonuses

Some of the strongest armour pieces have extra buffs that'll help increase your ability to complete certain actions or simply give boosts to your core stats.

Here's a list of all the armour specific buffs currently in the game, but we'll update this section if more are introduced as the game evolves over time.

  • Cooldown Reduction - Decreases the amount of time between ability usage.
  • + HPS - Determines the amount of time you have to wait for health to recover.
  • Mount Speed - Decreases the time it takes to hop on your mount.
  • Reload Speed - Decreases the time it takes to reload your weapons.
  • Swap Speed - Decreases the time it takes to swap between your weapons.

Although it's largely down to luck on what piece of armour you're getting when spending Shards at the Forge, we've found increases to Reload Speed and Cooldown Reduction are easily the strongest buffs currently in the game.

You'll find Reload Speed buffs on Gauntlets and Cooldown Reduction on Helmets. Both these boosts really help you optimise the fundamentals and you'll immediately see the benefits in battle - an absolute must have.

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Best Armour

We've listed all the armour pieces in the game along with all their stats so you can see what some of the strongest gear can provide!

It also goes without saying that you'll want to pickup any armour of a higher rarity as it'll perform better in every way.


NameRarityArmourBonus Stats
GreavesEpic+200+5 Mount Speed
GreavesLegendary+300+15 Mount Speed

Chest Armour

NameRarityArmourBonus Stats
BreastplateEpic+200+5 HPS
BreastplateLegendary+300+15 HPS


NameRarityArmourBonus Stats
GauntletsCommon+50 Armour-
GauntletsEpic+200+10% Swap Speed, +10% Reload Speed.
GauntletsLegendary+300+30% Swap Speed, +30% Reload Speed.


NameRarityArmourBonus Stats
HelmCommon+50 Armour-
HelmEpic+200+10% Cooldown Reduction
HelmLegendary+300+30% Cooldown Reduction

That concludes the second edition of our Best Armour page, but we'll continue updating it as Realm Royale is updated in future patches. Stay tuned for all the latest!

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