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Pokemon Quest iOS and Android release date

When the new Pokemon game will hit mobile devices.

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On this page you'll find details of the Pokemon Quest iOS and Android release date, as well as an overview of what to expect when it launches!

Pokemon Quest is now available to download from the eShop if you're a Nintendo Switch owner, but what about if you're planning to play the game on your iOS or Android mobile device? Well, the good news is that you don't have much longer to wait at all.

We know from the official announcement that Pokemon Quest will be released on the iOS and Android platforms at the end of June 2018. There's no more specific date than that right now, but you've no longer than a month to wait if you want to play the game on the go (and if you don't own a Nintendo Switch that is!)

What to expect from the mobile version of the game when it arrives? We've no reason to believe that there is any functional difference between the platform versions, so here's what's coming when Pokemon Quest releases on mobiles and tablets next month:

  • The game is set in a blocky world called Tumblecube Island and it's been produced by Game Freak. Full details of what to expect can be found at our core Pokemon Quest guide.
  • You control a team of three Pokemon as they automatically explore the world, hunting down other creatures. Your job is to manage the extra combat abilities of each Pokemon as the fight in question plays out.
  • As you defeat enemies and areas you'll earn items known as Power Stones. These can be equipped onto your Pokemon (if they have an appropriate socket) to make them more powerful. Our Pokemon Quest Power Stones guide has more information on how to both track down and find these items.
  • The game is free to play to begin with, but we understand there are some items that will require a purchase with real money.
  • Some of those premium items will be used to improve the appearance of your Base Camp. Here you can cook up food to help attract certain Pokemon types as your team explores the world. Check out our Pokemon Quest cooking guide for a list of all the known recipes in the game, and what effect they have on the game world.

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That's the end of the first edition of our Pokemon Quest iOS and Android release date page! When we get a specific launch date we'll add it in straight away.

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