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Nioh 2: How to transfer your Last Chance Trial and Open Beta character to the main game

Let us demon-strate.

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If you played the Last Chance Trial and the Nioh 2 Open Beta you can transfer your character’s appearance over to the main game. In this guide we will explain how to do so when creating a new character and save file.

If like us, you want to carry your beloved character from the Nioh 2 Final Trial beta over to the main game, then you might be a bit confused as to how the process works.

In this guide we’ll walk you through how to transfer your character from the beta into the main game, so you can start their demon-slaying journey afresh.

If anything happens to change, we’ll update this page with all the latest.

How to transfer your Last Chance Trial and Open beta character to Nioh 2

Below we’ve linked the main steps to transfer your Last Chance and Open beta character to the main game according to the dev team’s official post over on Twitter:

Tweet 1 Translation

  • 1. When the product version starts for the first time, select "Yes" for "Do you want to inherit the contents of the system data of the final trial version?"
  • 2. Select NEW GAME.
  • 3. The game starts with the appearance used last in the final trial version.
  • "Save appearance" and "Issue and manage appearance setting code" will also be taken over.

Tweet 2 Translation

  • - If you keep the system data of the final trial version, you can delete the application of the final trial version.
  • - If you select "No", you can delete the system data of the product version and take over the system data of the final trial version again, but the progress in the product version will be lost. Be careful.

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What was in the Last Chance Trial and Open beta?

The Open Beta took place back in November 2019, and it was everyone’s first taste of Nioh 2’s upgraded masocore gameplay. It’s first mission took place in the Sunimata Province, a lovely forested area filled to the brim with horrible Yokai.

It’s main boss was Kamaitachi, a bladed, possum - thing. An agile, aggressive fighter, the Kamaitachi proved a formidable opponent and you can see it in action via the video below.

Video by Shirrako

The second mission was entitled “The Viper’s Sanctum” where you were tasked with infiltrating a deep cave in the heart of the mountains of the Mino Province. A colossal Yokai rests at the Shinto shrine which lays there, and of course, you’re the one who needs to deal with it.

Again, you can see the mission in its entirety through the video we’ve linked below.

Video by Shirrako

Finally, the third sub-mission was called “A Voice in the Twilight” and it meant a return to a reworked first mission area, with an all new bossfight.

Video by Shirrako

After this Open Beta, the dev team took on a tonne of feedback to make plenty of improvements, some of which may have featured in the Last Chance Trial.

The Last Chance Trial featured three missions, one main, one sub, and one Twilight. While we’ve not got extended gameplay for you, we’ve got a couple of boss clips as well as guides to both of them.

For some in-depth advice on how to beat this spinny fella, make sure you have a read of our How to beat Ryomen Sukuna boss guide!

Our How to beat Matsunaga Hisahide boss page has you covered if you’re after some strategy advice.

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