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Nioh 2: How to beat Mezuki

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Mezuki is a horse demon boss in Nioh 2 who wields a terrifying serrated axe, and is the first boss you’ll face in the game. In this guide we’ll explain how to beat them.

As expected from Nioh 2, it doesn’t ease you into the game. The first mission is really tough if you’re new to the franchise, and its final boss can present huge trouble.

Mezuki is aggressive and imposing, but its moves are heavily signposted which you can use to your advantage.

Below we’ll provide some tips and tricks to help you master Mezuki.

How to beat Mezuki in Nioh 2

Tips and tricks time:

- Mezuki’s attacks have a long wind up time, so hold off on dodging until the last moment. It’s easy to panic and dodge a little too early, which means you’ll catch it's axe on the way down. Give it a second, then dodge - try not to hurry things. Be precise with your dodges and you’ll be fine.

- When dodging, we’d recommend circling around Mezuki. It isn’t the speediest boss and is particularly vulnerable to a backstab.

- Once Mezuki’s finished a combo, there’s a lengthy window of opportunity to get some damage off. With this in mind, we’d recommend using High Stance to maximise your DPS.

- Whenever it’s attack flashes red, this is your chance to perform a Burst Counter. Definitely attempt this maneuver as it destroys Mezuki’s Ki bar and will give you ample opportunity to chunk its health bar.

- If you’re at a distance, Mezuki will fire a couple of homing phantoms at your from its mouth. To dodge these, we’d recommend running away from them in a semi-circle, or strafing at the last second. If possible, attempt to close the gap and get a hit or two before it recovers.

- Try and avoid getting overzealous with your attacks. Sure, you may spot a chance to deliver a load of damage, but only go for a big combo if you’re absolutely certain it’s not going to respond.

- Destroy Mezuki’s purple Ki bar and it’ll go into a vulnerable state where it’ll be staggered by any damage taken for a short period of time. It’s crucial you use your Ki Burst with [R1] to recover your Ki and significantly increase the number of attacks you’ll be able to pull off.

- If you spot it’s Ki bar about to go down, it’s worth activating your Yokai form [Triangle + Circle] to stagger, then once staggered, pummel them with tonnes of damage.

- Takedown Mezuki’s purple bar, then deal enough damage to totally deplete it again while it’s staggered, and it’ll go into a downed state. A red circle will appear in the centre of its body which indicates you can use grapple for a big chunk of damage.

Beat Mezuki and you'll get its Soul Core! Head on over to our Soul Core page for an-depth look at how to equip and use it.

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That's it for our guide on how to beat Mezuki, but make sure you keep an eye on our site for more Nioh 2.

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