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Monster Train Calcified Ember - how to upgrade

How to overcome the Calcified Ember blight.

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Monster Train has unique events that'll change your run big time. Calcified Ember gives you a blight on your run until you can upgrade it - here's how.

Calcified Ember is a risk/reward pickup from the Concealed Caverns. Either you'll end up with a bunch of irritating Blights clogging up your deck or you'll be in possession of some really powerful goodies after a short wait.

Monster Train Calcified Ember - how to upgrade, what does it do?

When you get the Ember Deposits event in the Concealed Caverns, you can choose between the option for an Abandoned Stave and a couple Blights, giving you extra mana every turn for every Blight in your deck, or you can grab the Calcified Ember.

There are other ways to get Calcified Ember as well, such as the Penance Yard event which gives you three Calcified Ember along with Ember Stasis. This Artifact deals 100 damage to the front enemy unit when you play a Blight card, but does not give you the opportunity to upgrade them.

Calcified Ember is basically an irritant that clogs up your hand and stifles your ability to play the cards you want, since you'll be drawing the embers instead of what you're actually after. If you want to get rid of them, you can always spend 3 ember to purge them from your deck, but if you can survive a couple of battles without purging your Calcified Embers, you'll be rewarded nicely.

We managed to win two battles with the Calcified Embers in our deck, and after the second, another event took place, letting us replace the Calcified Embers with Excavated Ember.

Excavated Ember is a 0 cost Consume spell, which gains 2 Ember and draws 1 card. This gives you a whole lot of potential for some big turns in tougher fights. Remember though - Consume means you can only use it once in a battle, so don't waste it.

It's a pretty powerful card to have, unless your deck, like ours did, contains Volatile Gauge. You'll still draw 3 extra every turn thanks to the Gauge, but the Excavated Embers will have their costs randomised between 0 and 3, making them much less reliable. Maybe we should've purged the Calcified Embers after all!

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