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Legends of Runeterra: How to access the beta and pre register

The full launch will come in 2020.

Here’s how to sign up for the Legends of Runeterra beta, so you can play Riot’s latest card game early and get ahead of the crowd.

Revealed during Riot’s League of Legends 10th Anniversary Celebration, Legends of Runeterra is a competitive card game set in the LoL’s universe. Despite appearances, it’s not a carbon copy of Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, but a mixture of the two, with plenty of League’s unique flavour thrown in for good measure.

Development wise, it’s a ways off, but there will be frequent opportunities to test out the game early via its various betas before launch.

How do I get access to the beta? Well, below we’ll explain its release schedule and how to sign up for early access.

How do I access the beta and pre register for Legends of Runeterra?

Currently there is no guaranteed method of accessing the Legends of Runeterra beta. However, you can pre-register to play the game early via its official page. Do this successfully and you’ll be in with the chance of receiving an invite to participate in the upcoming beta.

You can currently pre-register on the Google Play Store, as well as on PC. The game is coming to iOS as well, but there’s no option to sign up for early access just yet. We’ll update this section as soon as it arrives.

To sign up on PC, simply head over to the official Legends of Runeterra website, and click the “pre-register” button. You’ll then be prompted to login via your existing Riot PC account, or create a new one. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to download and install the client which will remain inactive until betas go live.

For Android devices, search for “Legends of Runeterra” in the Google Play Store, select the game, and click on pre-register. Once you’ve got access, your device will notify you.

Now that you’ve signed up, it’s a case of waiting it out and hoping you get lucky. Riot will email your account with access instructions, or your device will ping you with a notification.

Those who sign up also get a “Moonstruck Poro” reward - how lovely.

It’s worth noting that you’ll likely receive in-game rewards for registering with your existing Riot account, so we’d recommend you do so (don’t count us on this one, but we have an inkling this will be the case).

Can I increase my chances of getting beta access?

There are three ways you can increase your chances of getting beta access to Legends of Runeterra.

The first method is to create an account with Riot and pre-registering for early access.

The next way is to watch Riot Games affiliated streams having connected your Twitch account to Riot Games. For example, once you've linked your account, you can tune into Legends of Runeterra streams and increase your chances of earning an early access key.

To link your Twitch account, you first need to own an existing Riot Games account. Head on over to the "Settings" page on Twitch, click the "Connections" tab at the top, scroll down to Riot Games and click "Connect". Login with your Riot Games details and click "Authorize". Once you've done so, you're all done!

Keep an eye out for streamers like DisguisedToast, Scarra and TrumpSC who'll stream Legends of Runeterra during the next beta phase running between 14th - 19th November 2019. Watch these streams and you'll be in with a chance of earning beta access, even if you're not interacting with chat. Simply have it on in the background and you're good to go.

The final step is to play League of Legends on PC. We’d recommend having a glance at some of our guides to get you clued up on how its various systems work, and which champions are best in certain roles.

To round things off, there’s some good news. Riot is increasing the number of closed beta invites its handing out:

Keep your fingers crossed folks.

What does the release schedule look like?

Riot released a roadmap for Legends of Runeterra’s release, which we’ve broken down for you.

Announcement Preview Patch

The preview patch is already live, and playable right now. You can go to the Legends of Runeterra website to sign up for access, but you’ll need to wait for Riot to approve you before entry though. In the meantime you might as well head over to Twitch or Youtube to watch some gameplay from those who already have access. This preview runs between October 15th-20th, at which point the servers will go offline while the dev team continues to work on the game.

Expeditions Preview Patch

Another chance to play the preview patch will come on November 14th 2019 until the 19th. This time, a draft-based game mode will be added, in a similar vein to Hearthstone’s Arena, and more players will be invited to play.

Closed Beta release date

The Legends of Runeterra Closed Beta release date will be Q1 2020, introducing a ranked mode as well as new boards and champions. More players will be invited to play, so sign up for a chance to be invited, and you’ll be able to add and challenge your friends at the game.

Full release date

The game will launch fully later on in 2020, after the Closed Beta. There’s no precise date, but when we know, we’ll update this page. You’ll be able to play on mobile too, as well as give the game a go without having to sign up for Riot’s approval.

For your convenience, we’ve put the Legends of Runeterra release roadmap below.

Check out our Legends of Runeterra hub for more info on the game - we’ll be keeping tabs on this one in the run-up to its release, bringing you guides and tier lists when we can.

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