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Hand of the Gods Top Greek (Zeus) decks: Best deck lists for Ranked play

Free, budget and pro Greek deck lists for Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics).

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On this page you'll find a round-up of the top Greek (Zeus) decks for Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics), with the best budget, free and pro deck lists.

Whether you're just getting started with the game, or you're looking to pilot the most powerful decks cooked up by the community, we think you should find something to suit your tastes in this round-up.

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Greek (Zeus): Best free deck

Here's a Greek deck that you'll be able to play the moment you've finished working your way through the game's tutorial. It'll do a great job of acclimatising you to the playstyle.

2 x Purification2 x Marksman
2 x Stone of Gaia2 x Brontes
2 x Aphrodite1 x Chaos Spawn
2 x Deicide2 x Elder Harpy
2 x Hades2 x Venator
2 x Athena2 x Fury
2 x Brute

Greek (Zeus): Best budget deck

This is a version of our highlighted pro deck (below) that should be a little more within the average player's reach.

2 x Arcahne2 x Brontes
1 x Divine Intervention1 x Blademaster
2 x Heavenly Agility1 x Fire Giant
2 x Judgment
2 x Nemesis
2 x Apollo
1 x Scylla
1 x Aphrodite
1 x Deicide
1 x Thanatos
2 x Divine Vengeance
2 x Athena
2 x Ares

Greek (Zeus): Best Pro deck

This is one of the more expensive decks you can craft, but if you've got the cards or the funds it's well worth piloting.

2 x Divine Intervention2 x Brontes
1 x Heavenly Agility1 x War Behemoth
2 x Judgement1 x Fire Giant
2 x Nemesis
2 x Apollo
2 x Deicide
1 x Poseidon
2 x Thanatos
2 x Divine Vengeance
1 x Enyo
2 x Athena
2 x Ares

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