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Fallout 76: Mutations guide - All mutations list

Every mutation in Fallout 76 explained.

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Our Fallout 76 Mutations guide explains how mutations work and lists all of the mutations in the game.

Appalachia may be beautiful, but it’s highly irradiated. While there are many areas of the game where you’re free to roam around largely unharmed, some pockets of West Virginia are so flush with radiation you’ll genuinely be at risk of mutating.

Mutations in Fallout 76 are just what you’d expect. The higher your Rads rating is, the more likely you are to gain a mutation. You’ll gain a special bonus, but also a significant drawback. Some of the positive effects can be extremely strong, for example, you can gain permanent health regeneration. However, Chem effects and healing will be reduced by 55%.

If you’ve embraced a mutation where the benefits outweigh the negatives, then you can actually lock them in with a special perk. Of course, you can also cure unwanted mutations with special meds too.

Below we’ve put together everything you need to know about mutations and listed every single one in the game as well.

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Mutations: Overview

Here’s a quick overview of how mutations function in Fallout 76:

  • You’ll obtain mutations by being exposed to high levels of radiation.
  • The higher your Rads level, the more likely you are to obtain a mutation.
  • Mutations can be cured with RadAway, Diluted RadAway or by walking under decontamination arches found in the world.
  • If your Rads level is low, you’ll have a greater chance of your mutation being cured.
  • The Starched Genes perk can remove your chance to mutation and also prevent mutations from being cured. This means you can choose to keep mutations you’re comfortable with, or not obtain any further mutations at all.

Mutations List

Below we’ve listed all the mutations in the game, along with their positive and negative effects.

Make sure you watch this video by JuiceHead as he takes an in-depth look at every mutation available in Fallout 76.

MutationPositive EffectNegative Effect
Adrenal ReactionIncreased damage output at low health-50 Health
Bird Bones+4 Agility, fall more slowly, and take less fall damage-4 Strength
CarnivoreGain double benefits from eating meat with no risk of diseaseGain no benefits from eating vegetables
ChameleonInvisible in combat if unarmored and stationaryMust be unarmored and stationary for effect to work
Eagle Eyes+4 Perception and +25% V.A.T.S. Critical Damage-4 Strength
Egg Head+ 6 Intelligence-3 Strength, -3 Endurance
Electrically ChargedChance to shock enemies in a radius when you are struck by melee attacksSmall damage to yourself when this occurs
EmpathYour teammates receive 25% less damageYou receive 33% more damage
Grounded+ 100 Energy Resistance-50 Energy Weapon damage
Healing FactorPermanent health regenerationChem effects (including healing) reduced by 55%
HerbivoreGain double benefits from eating vegetables with no risk of diseaseGain no benefits from eating meat
Herd MentalityGain double benefits from eating vegetables with no risk of disease-2 to all SPECIALs when solo
Marsupial+20 carry weight, and you can jump much higher-4 Intelligence
Plague WalkerGain an aura of poison damage, scaling with the number of diseases you are suffering from (up to 4)You must be diseased
Scaly Skin+50 Damage and Energy Resistance-50 Action Points
Speed Demon+20% run and sprint speed, +30% faster reload speedGain hunger and thirst 50% more quickly while moving
Talons+25% Fist Damage, and fist attacks cause 25 additional bleed damage over 5 seconds-4 Agility
Twisted Muscles+25% Melee Damage, and a small chance to cripple your opponentsGun accuracy reduced by 50%
Unstable IsotopeChance to blast enemies in a radius with radiation when you are struck by a melee attackSmall damage to self when this occurs, and many enemies are immune to radiation too

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