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Fallout 76: Bobbleheads guide

Every bobblehead type and the perks that come with them.

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Our Fallout 76 Bobbleheads guide contains a breakdown of all the types of Bobblehead and what stat boosts they provide.

On your travels out in the wasteland you’ll likely come across adorable little bobbleheads. Not only are they collectible items, but they also provide stat boosts too.

Unlike previous Fallout games, the stat boosts which bobbleheads grant aren’t permanent in Fallout 76. This is understandable, given that players could simply hoard them and gain overpowered stat bonuses over others.

Pick up a bobblehead and it’ll grant you a stat boost for a total of 10 hours. Different bobbleheads correspond to different bonuses. For example, an Agility bobblehead grants bonuses to your Agility stat for a while, and so on.

Below we’ve broken down all the different types of bobblehead you can find out in the wasteland, and the bonuses they each provide to your stats.

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All Bobblehead types

AgilityGain +2 Agility for 10 hours
Big GunsGain +20% damage with heavy guns for 10 hours
CapsTwice as likely to find better Caps Stashes for 10 hours
CharismaGain +2 Charisma for 10 hours
EnduranceGain +2 Endurance for 10 hours
Energy WeaponsGain +20% damage with energy guns for 10 hours
ExplosivesGain +30% damage with explosives for 10 hours
IntelligenceGain +2 Intelligence for 10 hours
LeaderGain 5% more experience for 10 hours
LockpickingGain a +30% wider sweet spot when lockpicking for 10 hours
LuckGain +2 Luck for 10 hours
MedicineHeal +30% more with Stimpaks for 10 hours
Melee WeaponsGain +20% damage with melee weapons for 10 hours
PerceptionGain +2 Perception for 10 hours
RepairFusion cores last 30% longer for 10 hours
ScienceGain one extra guess when hacking terminals for 10 hours
Small GunsGain +20% damage with ballistic guns for 10 hours
SneakYou are 30% harder to detect for 10 hours
StrengthGain +2 Strength for 10 hours
UnarmedGain +25% damage with unarmed attacks for 10 hours

It's worth mentioning that if you acquire a second bobblehead of the same type, the perks don't stack. Instead, it simply resets the 10 hour timer.

In terms of spawn points, they appear to be fixed, but the types of bobbleheads vary or rotate between servers. We'll be putting together a bobblehead spawn locations guide very soon, so stay tuned for that!

We'd highly recommend watching this video by Lunar Gaming if you want a quick overview of Fallout 76's bobblehead system:

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