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Fallout 76: Aluminum guide - Where to find Aluminum

How to get Aluminum in Fallout 76.

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Our Fallout 76 Aluminum guide contains a list of all the places you can find aluminium and all the junk items which grant aluminum.

As you start levelling up your character in the toxic wastes of Fallout 76, the need for Aluminum (and crafting materials in general) will rise dramatically. It’s a key component in repairing and forging key items, and a resource you’ll always want in your inventory.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through some of the best places to find Aluminum out in the world, as well as an exhaustive list of all the junk items which’ll grant you bits of Aluminum too.

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Where to get Aluminum

Here are all the places you can acquire Aluminum:

  • Dismantle metallic junk items.
  • In the Flatwoods, you can farm Aluminum from the fertile soil.
  • Mountainous and hilly regions are good spots for finding Aluminum.
  • Appalachia is pock-marked with mineral veins and deposits. You can harvest Aluminum straight from them, or construct a resource generator to mine the deposits continuously.

Make sure you go ahead and use the “Tag for Search” feature when on the hunt for materials like Aluminum. It’ll place a magnifying glass icon next to the items you’re after, so any time you encounter those tagged components out in the wild, you’ll be alerted by the same icon.

Junk items which grant Aluminum

Here’s a table which lists all the junk items which can be scrapped for Aluminum, along with how much they give.

Aluminum Can1
Aluminum Canister1
Aluminum Scrap1
Blasting Caps Box2
Cake Pan3
Carlisle Type Writer2
Chez Vivi Typewriter2
Clean Cake Pan2
Clean Coffee Tin2
Coffee Tin2
Coolant Cap2
Eyebot Model2
HH-3A Capacitor1
Industrial Oil Canister2
Large Glass Jar Lid1
Large Glass Jar Ring1
Large Glass Jar Top1
Mr. Gutsy Model2
Mr. Handy Model2
Oil Can1
Protectron Model2
Ring Stand1
Robot Parts Model2
Robot Parts Model2
Robot Parts Model2
Sentry Bot Model2
Ski Pole3
Small Glass Jar Lid1
Small Glass Jar Ring1
Small Glass Jar Top1
Steel Guitar1
Surgical Tray2
Tin Pitcher2
Toy Rocketship1
TV Dinner Tray3
Unrusted Rtin Can1
Vault-Tec Alarm Clock1
Wakemaster Alarm Clock1

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