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Borderlands 3: How to get and farm the Rain Firestorm Legendary grenade

Here's how to get your hands on the Rain Firestorm grenade.

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Our Borderlands 3 Rain Firestorm guide will explain how to get the Rain Firestorm Legendary grenade mod and the best places to farm for it.

One of Borderlands 3’s best weapons doesn’t fire bullets, but actually rains down fiery meteors instead. Toss out a Rain Firestorm grenade and it’ll blanket an area with at least a dozen damaging explosions, which makes it perfect for shredding bosses and groups of enemies in a flash.

As with all Legendary loot, it can be quite difficult to obtain. There are multiple versions of the Firestorm grenade mod, each with different effects. All of them are pretty solid options, although the “Rain” variant is clearly the strongest out of the lot.

Below we’ll take you through the best ways to farm for the Rain Firestorm grenade mod.

Borderlands 3: How to get the Rain Firestorm Legendary grenade mod

The Rain Firestorm is actually one variant of the Firestorm Legendary grenade, which comes in four flavours, so to speak. These are: Firestorm, Rain Firestorm, Singularity Firestorm and Gravity Salvo Firestorm.

Like many other Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3, there’s no guaranteed way to get the Firestorm variant you’re after. It’s a case of farming for it and hoping the “Rain” variant happens to drop.

How to get and farm for the Rain Firestorm grenade mod

Method 1

Having done some rooting around the Borderlands 3 forums and discussions, it seems like the general consensus for farming this grenade mod is by taking on the Graveward - surprise!

First things first, though. You’ll want to have finished the campaign at least once before you attempt to farm this boss as it’ll be too time consuming since you won’t have the gear or the power to take him out quickly and efficiently.

Next up, you’ll also want to turn on Mayhem mode and ramp this up as high as possible. This will make the boss fight more challenging, but it’ll also increase your chances of earning Legendary loot. You can always turn it down if things are a little too tricky.

The Graveward boss can be found at the Floating Tomb on Eden 6. Once you’ve arrived at the fast travel point, jump down and focus on his glowing yellow mid section right away.

There’s not much to the fight apart from focusing on this weak spot with one of your strongest weapons. Once you’ve defeated the Graveward, collect your loot, quit the game, load back in and repeat the process.

We’ve linked a useful video by Jannis Rauschke which shows you how to defeat the Graveward in a variety of ways:

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Method 2

It’s also worth noting that the Graveward isn’t the be all and end all. There are plenty of other bosses in the game which all have a chance of dropping the Rain Firestorm grenade.

There’s also another option too, the Loot Tink farm spot in the Jakob’s Estate. Make sure to play in offline mode as it’s been patched.

A Loot Tink will always spawn in the back of Jakob’s Estate on Eden 6. Ramp the difficulty up to Mayhem three if possible to increase your loot haul, run to the Tink, eliminate it, collect your loot, run to the nearest fast travel point, quit to the main menu and jump back in to repeat the process.

Here’s where you’ll find the pesky loot-carrier.

Look out for a little guy with a unique name and a big bag of loot strapped to his back.

Here’s Glitching Queen showing us how it’s done:

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