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Borderlands 3: Guardian Ranks, Tokens and Rewards explained

Everything we know so far about Guardian Ranks in Borderlands 3.

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Our Borderlands 3 Guardian Ranks, Tokens and Rewards page explains how to access Guardian Ranks, how Guardian Ranks work, as well as how to earn Guardian Tokens and how Guardian Rewards affect your character.

In Borderlands 2, you earned Badass Tokens whenever you completed challenges while progressing through the game. You could then invest them in various Badass bonuses, which would, in turn, increase your overall Badass Rank. Overall, it was a pretty mediocre experience, though. A very thin progression system, you didn’t really feel the merits of your efforts.

Borderlands 3’s Guardian Rank system is an attempt to rectify this by implementing some proper endgame progression. It’s a completely upgraded version of the Badass Rank system, where you’ll earn Guardian Tokens while making your way through the game, and you’ll then spend these on Guardian Rewards. The big upgrade here being that these rewards unlock unique perks, stat boosts and more.

Below we’ll take you through everything we know so far about Guardian Ranks, Tokens and Rewards in Borderlands 3. Stay tuned for updates!

For a primer on the Anointed Gear you'll earn in the endgame, make sure you head on over to Anointed Weapons and gear explained page!

Borderlands 3 Guardian Ranks

Guardian Ranks unlock once you’ve beaten the Borderlands 3 campaign. When you’ve done so, you’ll gain access to the Guardian Rank tab on the in-game menu and its brand new XP bar. It’s from here you’ll be able to spend your Guardian Tokens, earn Guardian Rewards and, in turn, increase your overall Guardian Rank.

Your Guardian Rank is also upgradeable infinitely, so there’s literally no end to increasing your character’s power.

Borderlands 3 Guardian Tokens

You can earn Guardian Tokens as you get EXP and level up your character.

You'll also earn Guardian Tokens for completing challenges as you progress through the endgame. You earn different numbers of tokens depending on the difficulty of the challenge completed.

What do you spend Guardian Tokens on?

You spend Guardian Tokens on increasing your character’s bonus stats or spend lump sums on special Guardian Rewards.

Here we have FL4K’s Bonus Stats page from the PAX West panel. Note how it is split into three categories, all of which provide different types of bonuses: Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter. Just below these columns, is the number of Guardian Tokens the player is yet to redeem.

You can spend tokens on incremental increases to stats like faster reload speed, greater accuracy, higher max health and better vehicle damage, for example.

You can also spend you Guardian Tokens on the Guardian Rewards page to the right of the screen. We’ll get to this system in the section just below.

Borderlands 3 Guardian Rewards

Guardian Rewards are unique perks which you can purchase with Guardian Tokens. There are three different columns for each character, which essentially means three varieties of rewards for those who either want to stick to one playstyle or mix it up.

Rewards at the top of the column cost 20 Guardian Tokens to unlock, and once you’ve unlocked them, they’ll be yours to keep forever - this includes multiple playthroughs too.

As you progress further down each ‘Reward tree’, these skills will become more costly to unlock.

Have a watch of the PAX panel we’ve embedded below as it’ll show you the Guardian Rewards page in action:

Here are a few examples of the sort of Guardian Rewards you're able to unlock:

  • Tag and Frag - Regenerate a grenade every 10 kills.
  • Player Skin - Unlock the Player Skin “Burning Bright”.
  • C-C-Combo - Increases Gun Damage by 2% for 1 second with each shot.

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