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Borderlands 3: Anointed weapons and gear explained

Everything we know so far about Anointed loot in Borderlands 3.

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Our Borderlands 3 Anointed Gear guide contains everything we know so far about Anointed Weapons, Anointed Grenades and Anointed Shields, including where and how to get Anointed Gear in Borderlands 3.

Millions of players still revisit Borderlands 2 every month, and the folks over at 2K decided to track their data and see what keeps bringing them back. It’s this info which has helped guide Borderlands 3’s bolstered replayability. There are going to be more activities to shoot our way through once we’ve completed the campaign, and of course, plenty more shiny loot rewards too.

One of these endgame rewards is Anointed Gear. Anointed isn’t like Epic or Legendary, gear but has been described as more of an ‘addendum’ to these rarities. These unique weapons, shields and grenades will all have special perks which will coincide with player skills.

As expected, Anointed Gear won’t be easy to obtain. You’ll need to reach the endgame and beat some of the Borderlands 3’s toughest activities to even get a chance at them dropping.

Get your hands on a piece of Anointed Gear and it’ll be the equivalent of a power spike in the likes of Destiny, for example. These things will be seriously powerful, making them perfect for tackling some of the toughest endgame content.

Below we’ll take you through everything we know so far about Anointed Gear, and we’ll update this page significantly when we know more - stay tuned for all the latest info!

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Borderlands 3 Rarities: A quick explainer

Every piece of gear you earn in Borderlands 3 will come in one of five rarities, all of which correspond to different colours:

  • White - Common
  • Green - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Orange - Legendary

As you’d expect, the higher the rarity, the greater the stats and the more powerful that piece of gear is going to be.

Legendary gear is particularly unique as they’ll not only be immensely powerful, but have some unique perks too. They might spew chains of lightning with every reload or send you soaring into the sky every time you’re shot.

When you first start out, you’ll mainly come across white, green and occasionally some blue gear. As you progress through the game and eventually begin approaching the endgame, you’ll be far more likely to encounter blue and purple gear.

Legendary (orange) gear is incredibly rare, so even those on their third playthrough may only have encountered a handful at most.

Is Anointed a rarity type?

Anointed is not a rarity type, but a special addition to a piece of gear which increases its power.

This means you can encounter Anointed versions of Rare, Epic or potentially Legendary gear. They’ll be buffed with special Anointed class-based or universal perks which should make them far more powerful than their non-Anointed counterparts.

As a new feature in Borderlands 3 we'll learn more about it once we've got hands on with the game - keep this page bookmarked for all the latest.

Borderlands 3 Anointed Weapons

Once you reach the Borderlands 3 endgame, one of the first things you’ll want to do is chase down Anointed Weapons to help you tackle even tougher endgame content, like Raids and Mayhem Mode.

You’ll know if you’ve encountered an Anointed Weapon as it’ll have a yellow ‘Anointed’ title listed on the stats page. Just below it, the special Anointed skill will also be shown off too.

A clip from an official Borderlands stream shows Char stumbling across the “Pointy Broosin Preecher”. It’s Anointed skill reads: “On Action Skill End. Deal 125% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies for a short time.”

This is an example of a universal Anointed Perk, as it kicks in for any and every class. However, there are some Anointed Weapons which will drop with class-specific perks.

How to get Anointed Weapons

In order to get Anointed Weapons, you’ll need to at least complete a playthrough of the Borderlands 3 campaign and they’ll begin dropping in endgame activities like the Proving Grounds.

You can also purchase them from the Veteran Rewards Vending Machine using Eridium.

We’ll update this section as soon as we know more!

Borderlands 3 Anointed Shields

While we haven’t seen any footage of Anointed Shields, we imagine they’ll function similarly to Anointed Weapons. So, on top of providing you with a Shield, they might also increase your reload speed significantly after using an Action Skill, for example.

How to get Anointed Shields

Information is a little thin on the ground, but we imagine you’ll be able to obtain Anointed Shields from endgame activities like the Proving Grounds, Circle of Slaughter and Mayhem Mode.

It’s likely you’ll also be able to purchase them from the Veteran Rewards Vending Machine using Eridium too. Again, we’ll update this section when we know more.

Borderlands 3 Anointed Grenades

To complement your Anointed Weapons, you’ll want some Anointed Grenades to throw too. It’s highly likely they’ll come with unique perks similar to Anointed Weapons which will increase their damage output and the like.

How to get Anointed Grenades

As you obtain Anointed Weapons and Shields from endgame activities like Mayhem Mode, the Circle of Slaughter and Proving Grounds, you may also stumble across Anointed Grenades too.

The Veteran Vending Machine may sell them too. Once we’ve got hands on with the game, we’ll update this section.

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