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Apex Legends: Heirloom guide - How to get Wraith Knife

How to get your hands on Heirlooms in Apex Legends.

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Our Apex Legends how to get Heirlooms guide details how to get the Bonus Heirloom Set which contains the Wraith Knife, Banner Pose and Intro Quip.

There’s a whole host of cosmetic items in Apex Legends, ranging from weapon skins to jazz up your weapons, to outfits which’ll completely transform the appearance of your character.

If you’ve been addicted to the game for a while now (like us), you may have noticed a certain special cosmetic item for portal-person Wraith floating around. It’s a flashy knife which crackles with electricity and she’ll whip it when running with her main weapons stowed.

The knife is undoubtedly inspired by CS:GO’s rare knife skins, but as long as it looks cool, it doesn’t really matter right? It’s part of what’s called an Heirloom set in Apex Legends and currently there’s only one in the game, with more to be added in the future.

Below we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Heirlooms in Apex Legends and how to get hold of Wraith’s Heirloom.

How to get the Wraith Knife Heirloom

Heirlooms are the rarest cosmetic items you can get in Apex Legends.

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends, you’ll have received Apex Packs every time you level up. These are loot crates which will drop three cosmetic items to customise your Legends and gear with.

Items range from weapon skins, to outfits, intro quips and banners, and they have certain rarity tiers too. You’ve got Common (white), Rare (blue), Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold). However, there’s one rarity tier above Legendary and you guessed it - it’s Heirloom.

Heirloom drop rates are incredibly rare at less than 1%, and you’ll know when you get one because the name banner will have a lovely red glow.

So, in order to get yourself the Heirloom set and Wraith’s Knife, you’ll need to crack open a whole bunch of Apex Packs.

You can earn Apex Packs by playing the game and levelling up, or you can buy them with real world currency to accelerate your chances.

Respawn has confirmed that you’re guaranteed Wraith’s Heirloom set in your first 500 Apex Packs. If you’ve got boundless reams of cash to spend, you’re better off purchasing loads of packs to increase your chances of getting it. Otherwise, it could be a very long time before you’re wielding Wraith’s knife. Again though, it’s all RNG based - so you never know, it could be in the next pack you open!

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What Heirlooms are currently in-game?

There are three Heirlooms in Apex Legends right now, and here’s a look at them all.

  • Intro Quip
  • Melee Weapon Skin (Wraith Knife)
  • Banner Pose

Credit for this image goes to kylew205 over on reddit.

Respawn will be adding more Heirlooms to the game in the future, and seeing as the first three are themed after Wraith, it’s likely new additions will be themed after other Legends.

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