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Apex Legends: Best loot spots: How to gear up fast

How to get tooled up in no time.

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Our Apex Legends best loot spots guide explains how to gear up quickly with high-tier equipment.

As with every other battle royale game on the market, getting geared up quickly at the start of an Apex Legends match is absolutely vital.

The more offensive and defensive options you have in your backpocket, the better your odds of survival in the early phases of the game when everyone's racing to gear up.

Things work a little bit differently in Apex Legends, however.

For a start, each of the zones in the game have their own assigned loot table, and that table will consist of a certain tier of loot. We're working on a list of this loot breakdown by zone, but you'll get a notification of the loot quality in the locale as you explore the game world.

The game also takes a unique approach to steering you into combat right from the start. You can land on a supply ship rather than the map, for example, or track the ship down once you've hit the ground. You can also explore a special area of the map, designated for each game, which contains an unusually high density of equipment.

In our guide to the best loot spots in Apex Legends, we'll explain how you can best gear up quickly, and track down all the items you're going to need to survive your very first combat encounters.

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Hot Zone

At the start of each match you'll notice a blue circle highlighted on the map.

Head there and you'll find be increased loot drops within the vicinity. It's not quite as loot-stuffed as the Supply Ship (see below), and you'll have to do a lot more rummaging around, but it's still a good spot to investigate.

You're going to face at least some kind of competition if this is your preferred route to gearing up though. We'd recommend getting in there fast and legging it as soon as you've got what you need. If you're feeling really brave, you could try getting on the offensive, taking out the opposition and sweeping up all the high tier loot for yourself.

Supply Ship

The ship moves across the map at the start of the game and you can actually land on it while it's still in transit. Obviously you're going to need to perfect your landing skills before hitting this one reliably.

You should also expect a lot of competition if you're going to go down this route, but it is stuffed to the rafters with all the loot you're going to need to get started. Be ready to rock when you land though.

Remember that this game doesn't feature any fall damage, so if you're happy with your loot haul then don't be afraid to jump off. Just be aware that other players will have the same idea so keep an eye out for any stragglers landing with you.

If you want to take things a little easier, you can actually wait for the Supply Ship to hit the ground (its position is marked on the map), before making your way over to it.

There'll be new loot to grab once it hits the dirt, but don't expect the competition to have completely dissipated when you arrive there. Again, be ready for anything and make sure you arm up with something - anything - the moment you arrive.

Ziplines surround the ship so use these for either a neat way in or out. Running in will take more take and you're more likely to get caught off guard, so we'd recommend taking the faster route and ziplining in.

Supply Drops

There's also the option to take advantage of Supply Drops. These work the same way they do in other games like Fortnite and PUBG, dropping from the sky periodically during matches. You'll know when one has arrived on the map as the announcer will confirm that it's dropped in, and a small blue circle will appear on your map indicating its location.

People will still fight over these, but it will likely be less intense than the Supply Ship and the Hot Drop Zone options we've outlined above. They're a good option if you're really struggling to get decently equipped, but don't expect an absolute swathe of loot as they only contain a maximum of three items.

Having said this, Supply Drops are your chance to bag some of the best loot in the game if you're lucky. Legendary equipment like the Kraber sniper and Mastiff shotgun could be up for grabs...

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Other Loot Options

Your other alternative is to scour the map looking for the Supply Boxes that appear in pretty much every location. There's the long oblong white boxes that you first encountered in the tutorial section of Apex Legends, for example.

You can also hunt around for the small Loot Bots which contain decent equipment. They have a flashing light on top, but are otherwise quite tricky to spot and are deliberately hidden away, so don't be surprised if you struggling to find these. If you listen carefully as you explore though, they do make a distinct sound.

If you stumble across one of these supply bots, give them a smack with your fist or simply shoot them. They'll explode and drop three to four items. From our experience, they almost always drop one Epic or Legendary item so they're definitely worth cracking open. We'd also recommed using your fist to destroy them as it's a quieter option that's less likely to give away your position.

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    @ollie191 Good tip thanks olli I will add this into the article now.
  • ollie191 #2 2 years ago
    You should mention that the loot bots make a sound that you can listen out for. Every one I've found I've found by following the noise they make.




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