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Apex Legends: Attachments guide

Everything you need to know about attachments in Apex Legends.

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Our guide to all of Apex Legends’ attachments covers all Hop Ups, Optics, Mag, Barrel and Stock attachments for every weapon.

Get your mitts on a strong weapon in Apex Legends and it’s a fantastic feeling and produces that rush of knowing you’re able to actually defend yourself. This’ll last roughly one second before you’ll want to slap quite a few attachments on it to tease out the gun’s true potential.

Apex Legends’ UI makes knowing what attachments fit your weapon quite easy, but it’s still daunting for a newcomer to know which bits and pieces should be equipped. It’s not immediately obvious which is better than the other, and sometimes it can be a very tricky decision to make when you’ve got two similar attachments to choose from.

In this article we’re run you through all of the attachments in Apex Legends, which weapons they fit, and what they do. Hopefully you’ll find this article a handy resource when it comes to learning all of the attachments. We’ll also be updating it as new additions arrive, so keep this page bookmarked for all the latest developments!


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Hop Up Attachments

These augment the way certain weapons function and can only be applied to a very specific set of guns.

They’re well worth picking up if you’ve got a compatible weapon, as they’ll unlock the true potential of the weapon your wielding, sometimes transforming them from something pretty mediocre to something that’ll cause your enemies a world of hurt.

AttachmentAttaches toDescription
Precision ChokePeacekeeper, Triple TakeHold ADS to reduce projectile spread.
Selectfire ReceiverProwler, HavocEnables you to switch fire modes.
Skullpiercer RiflingLongbow, WingmanIncreases headshot damage.
TurbochargerDevotion, HavocReduces spin-up time.

Optic Attachments

As the name suggests, these are your scopes, sights and the like. Attach these to your weapons and they’ll make ADSing a whole lot easier than using iron sights.

There are currently two “Gold” rarity attachments and they both have the added bonus of highlighting enemies when zoomed in.

AttachmentAttaches toRarityDescription
1x HoloAll WeaponsWhiteShort range sight.
1x HCOG ClassicAll WeaponsWhiteShort range sight.
1x/2x Variable HoloAll WeaponsBlueShort range variable sight.
2x HCOG BruiserAll WeaponsBlueShort range sight.
6x SniperSnipersBlueLong range sight.
3x HCOG RangerARs, SMGs, LMGs, SnipersPurpleMid range sight.
2x/4x Variable AOGARs, SMGs, LMGs, SnipersPurpleMid range sight.
4x/8x Variable SniperSnipersPurpleMid to long range sight.
1x Digital ThreatShotguns, SMGs, PistolsGoldShort range sight.
4x/10x Digital Sniper ThreatSnipersGoldMid to long range sight.

Mag Attachments

Find one of these and they’ll give your magazine size a handy boost, allowing you to fire off more bullets before needing to reload. This makes them a must-have for most SMGs and Shotguns which don’t have the most generous clip sizes to begin with.

Find a mag attachment of a higher rarity and they’ll offer reduced reload times too. Yet another reason why they’re extremely handy.

AttachmentAttaches toRarityDescription
Extended Light MagAll Light WeaponsWhite, Blue, Purple, GoldIncreases ammo capacity. Blue rarity and above - reduces reload time.
Extended Heavy MagAll Heavy WeaponsWhite, Blue, Purple, GoldBlue rarity and above - reduces reload time.
Shotgun BoltAll ShotgunsWhite, Blue, Purple, GoldIncreases fire rate.

Barrel Attachments

Barrel Attachments reduce recoil on your weapons and there’s no reason not to pop one on a compatible gun. They’re particularly handy for weapons which fire in full-auto as it’ll help you control a spray and hopefully land some more shots.

AttachmentAttaches toRarityDescription
Standard StockARs, SMGs and LMGsWhite, Blue, Purple, GoldReduces weapon sway and draw time.
Sniper StockSnipersWhite, Blue, Purple, GoldReduces weapon sway and draw time.

Essential Apex Legends Coverage

Make sure you give this video by SpartnNJones a watch as it provides a neat rundown of all the attachments in Apex Legends.

Stock Attachments

Stock attachments reduce weapon sway when ADSing, as well as reducing the time it takes to draw your weapon too.

AttachmentAttaches toRarityDescription
Barrel StabiliserRE 45, G7 Scout, Longbow, Alternator, R-99, Hemlok, R-301 Carbine, LMGsWhite, Blue, Purple, GoldReduces recoil. Gold rarity - reduces muzzle flash.


Not technically a weapon attachment, but you basically attach these to your back right?

Put a backpack on and it'll increase the amount of stuff you can hold in your inventory, with the Legendary version even reducing the time it takes for your healing items to activate.

AttachmentAttaches toRarityDescription
BackpackPlayerWhite2 additional inventory slots.
BackpackPlayerBlue4 additional inventory slots.
BackpackPlayerPurple6 additional inventory slots.
BackpackPlayerGold6 additional inventory slots + Healing items take half as long to use.

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