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We've got 1,000 free Hand of the Gods booster packs to give away

Get a headstart in the closed console beta with some free cards for the Norse Pantheon.

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We've teamed up with Hi-Rez Studios - makers of Smite and Paragon - to bring you a huge pile of booster packs for the console edition of the team's new free to play strategy card game, Hand of the Gods.

Formerly known as Smite Tactics, Hand of the Gods has you crafting a deck of cards which you then use to build an army of minions on a tile-based battleground. From here, your collection of mythological gods and creatures do turn-based battle against your opponent's own fighting forces.

Here's a look at the game in action:

To help you get started, we've got a massive guide to mastering the basics, along with some of the top decks you can play for each faction, or Pantheon:

We've got 1,000 booster packs for the Norse faction to give away today. To grab one of them, all you have to do is follow Metabomb on Twitter using the competition widget just below.

Keep in mind that these keys can only be redeemed from within the console version of the game, so you'll need to take part in the closed beta that's currently available for Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Hand of the Gods Giveaway

To stay on top of all the latest Hand of the Gods developments, make sure you follow the team on Twitter or hit them up with a like on Facebook. Have fun!

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