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Division 2 Servers Offline - When are they coming back up?

Here's what you need to know about the Division 2's server status.

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How long will the Division 2 servers be down for and when will they come back up? We've got all the latest information on the latest period of maintenance downtime.

Server Restart - 15/03/19 - 16:00

The Division 2 servers are down while Ubisoft gives them a quick restart. Downtime expected is around 5 minutes.

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The Division 2 has only just entered general release, but it looks as though there's already some need for a little bit of technical downtime.

At the time of publishing this article, the servers have been taken offline to deliver a maintenance patch, and they're not expected to come back online globally for a few hours yet.

Here's the tweet confirming the server status, and when you can expect The Division 2 to come back online:

If for any reason you're having issues with viewing that embed, here are the timings for when The Division will come back online around the world:

  • GMT: 11:30am
  • CET: 12:30pm
  • EST: 7:30am
  • PST: 4:30am

Keep in mind that, as with all online games, there may be minor delays and extensions to the maintenance period, although Ubisoft seems to be pinning these times down quite specifically, so fingers crossed.

The developers haven't actually stated what the maintenance period is for, but according to a forum post linked out from that tweet, patch notes will be supplied shortly after the game comes back online. Don't expect anything too major from the sounds of things though.

If you want to track developments, best to give that Twitter account a follow, or keep your eyes on the forum post we've linked to just above.

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