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Hand of the Gods Top Norse (Odin) decks: Best deck lists for Ranked play

Free, budget and pro Norse deck lists for Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics).

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On this page you'll find a round-up of the top Norse (Odin) decks for Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics), with the best budget, free and pro deck lists.

We're in the process of adding card art to our database, so that when you hover over each card name in the lists below you'll be able to see a picture of the card in question.

For now though, we just wanted to make sure that you had something to get going with now that the game is out in Early Access on Steam.

For more general information about the game, don't forget to check out our absolutely massive Hand of the Gods guide which contains everything you need to know about the awesome new strategy card game from Hi-Rez Studios.

If you have any deck list recommendations of your own - whether for budget players or for those with deeper pockets - sign up and let us know about them in the comments.

We hope to update this article regularly in the weeks and months to come!

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Norse (Odin): Best free deck

If you're just starting out with Hand of the Gods, then chances are you're in the market for a deck you can play using just the free cards that are available to you. Although it's naturally not the most powerful deck list you can use, it'll be enough to give you an excellent grounding in the game.

2 x Mayhem2 x Chaos Spawn
2 x Warrior's Sigil2 x Elder Harpy
2 x Fate2 x Stone Guardian
1 x Gungnir's Might2 x Venator
2 x Hunter's Sigil2 x Fury
2 x Thor2 x Brute
2 x Ymir

Norse (Odin): Best budget deck

Here's a budget option if you're playing with the Norse card set. It should help you be somewhat competitive without busting too big a hole in your wallet.

2 x Ansuz2 x Brontes
2 x Crippling Curse2 x Elder Harpy
2 x Runestone of Ire2 x Gladiator
2 x Skadi2 x Surtr
2 x Ratatoskr2 x Blademaster
2 x Thor
2 x Ymir
1 x Freya

Norse (Odin): Best Pro deck

If you have either the cards in your collection, or the ability to blow through card packs via the good old wallet method, then you might be able to build the following deck list.

2 x Ansuz2 x Brontes
2 x Crippling Curse1 x Elder Harpy
2 x Hastened Fatalis2 x Gladiator
2 x Gift of Munin
2 x Runestone of Ire
2 x Skadi
2 x Sol
2 x Ratatoskr
2 x Thor
1 x Loki
1 x Freya

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