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Legends of Runeterra progression and economy - how do you unlock more cards?

Everything you need to know about LoR's Economy.

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Legends of Runeterra’s progression system and economy has a lot of moving parts, from the Vault to Region Rewards. Here’s our run through of it all.

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How does Legends of Runeterra progression work?

In a post from Ryan Giuliany, the Legends of Runeterra progression design lead, the full philosophy for progression in Legends of Runeterra was described. It's pretty long winded, so we've simplified it for you here.

What rewards are available?

Capsules and Chests can be opened to earn cards. You can upgrade them to gain better and rarer rewards, with the chance of chaining upgrades to increase rewards multiple times.

See below the table detailing the potential Chests and Capsules you can earn - Chests contain both Shards and Capsules, whilst Capsules contain wildcards.

For the open Beta, Chests now contain fewer Shards at higher levels.

Economy Updates for the Beta

The beta, officially opening on 24th January 2020, is introducing numerous changes to how progression and the game’s economy works. Prices for in-game Coins have been tweaked, so you’ll receive fewer coins than in the preview patches. Prices for content have also decreased though, so there shouldn’t be a difference in purchasing power. If you bought Coins in the preview patches, you’ll be given enough to replace the purchasing power you had previously.

You can find the full update on the Legends of Runeterra site, but we’ll summarise it here for your convenience.

Previously, US$10 got you 1380 coins. Now, it’ll get you 1000. To compensate for this, prices for content have decreased. A Champion Wildcard now costs 300 Coins, rather than 400. In US Dollars, this means you’re paying approximately 3.5% more for Champion Wildcards, but this varies depending on the number of coins purchased and which currency you’re using.

Shards are going to be more numerous too. You’ll be able to earn more from Expedition rewards, and individual Shards are worth more than they were before. This hopefully means players can use these Shards to build decks more to their liking, rather than being restricted to the cards given to them initially.

What are Wildcards?

Wildcards can be traded for any card of the same rarity. The four rarities are Common, Rare, Epic, and Champion. So, if you’ve got a Common Wildcard, you can trade it in for any common card you want.

You can buy Wildcards in the Store with Coins, purchasable with real money, or you can earn them as rewards for progressing within the game.

It was also confirmed by Giuliany that you won’t be able to obtain a fourth version of the same card, since you’re only allowed to play with three in a single deck. If you receive a fourth copy of an Epic or Champion rarity card, it’ll automatically change into a card of the same rarity you don’t already own. If you get a fourth Common or Rare, the card will be transformed into Shards.

How do Shards convert to cards?

Shards are the other way you can create cards, aside from Wildcards. You’ll be able to earn them from Chests, as detailed above, as well as Quests. When you receive duplicates of Common and Rare cards, you’ll receive Shards instead of the automatic reroll you get from Epic and Champion cards.

Here’s how many Shards you’ll get from each card rarity, and how many Shards you’ll require in order to create a card of that rarity.


Shard rewards have been changed in the run-up to the Beta’s release, so these numbers might be slightly off. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

  • Common: 25 Shards (150 required to craft)
  • Rare: 75 Shards (400 required to craft)
  • Epic: 300 Shards (1500 required to craft)
  • Champion: 1000 Shards (4000 required to craft)

Remember: you won’t need to worry about getting Shards for Epic and Champion cards until you own every single one, meaning there’ll be a constant stream of new unlocks for you to try out.

Changes to XP Rewards

The preview patches of Legends of Runeterra sometimes felt sluggish, progression-wise. Here’s how XP gain has been updated to combat this.

Constructed XP:

  • First-win bonuses - 400XP bonus for your first PVP win of the day, 200 for your second, and 100 for your third.
  • More XP for losses - you now receive 100 XP for a loss, rather than 25.
  • Diminishing rewards for massive amounts of play - after 11 wins, your XP rewards start winding down. You’ll get none from win 31 onwards. To be clear, you have to play for several hours to start seeing diminishing returns, so it’s not necessarily going to affect you unless you’re playing a whole lot.
  • Expeditions XP - Base XP gain unchanged, but shares the same diminishing returns as constructed play. Bonus of 0-2000XP upon trial completion.

What are Quests and how do you complete them?

You’ll be able to earn XP each day from Quests. These work in a very similar manner to Hearthstone’s Quests, in that you’ll receive one per day and you can hold up to three at a time.

They reward you with different levels of XP depending on the level of difficulty. Remember to keep a slot clear so you don’t miss any!

You can reroll a Quest once a day too, so if you get told to play a bunch of Noxus cards and you’re not really feeling it, you can immediately get another Quest that’ll offer the same amount of XP as a reward.

What are Region Rewards?

You’ll earn XP as well as other rewards for playing with specific Regions. There’s an in-depth description on the Legends of Runeterra FAQ site, but to put it simply: you earn rewards for playing cards from certain Regions.

Even though you can have decks including two separate Regions, only one can be ranked up at a time. You can choose which Region to rank up by clicking Rewards on the left hand side of the LoR client. From there, select Change Regions, and choose the one you want to rank up.

Keep playing cards from your chosen Region and you’ll start unlocking rewards. You’ll need to earn 52,500 XP to fully rank up to Level 20 in a single region. Level 1 is 250 XP, and each level requires 250 XP more than the last.

Here’s the rewards available for fully ranking up a single region.

  • 1 Rare Wildcard
  • 1 Epic Wildcard
  • 1 Champion Wildcard
  • 2 Random Epic Cards
  • 1 Bronze Chest
  • 1 Silver Chest
  • 2 Golden Chests
  • 2 Platinum Chests
  • 1 Diamond Chest
  • 2 Capsules
  • 2 Wild Capsules
  • 2 Epic Capsules
  • 2 Champion Capsules

What is the Legends of Runeterra Vault?

Each week, you’ll be able to open the Vault. The more XP you’ve earned in the past week, the better your rewards, giving a similar feeling to random pack openings without the required payment.

You can find your Vault level on the Home menu. Click the icon in the bottom right, and you'll be able to see how close you are to the maximising your rewards. It'll also show how many days you'll need to wait to open up your Vault, as well as the rewards you're currently on.

Your Vault levels up to a maximum of 13, which requires 25,000 XP to be earned within a week. You’re guaranteed a Champion card at level 10 too. You can see below the rewards available for ranking up your Vault in Legends of Runeterra - the Chests correspond to the graphic above, so check that out to see what rewards are in each Chest.

For the open Beta, the random Champion card has been removed from Vaults above level 10, and replaced by an Expedition Token.

Will I keep what I've purchased after the Account Reset?

All your progression and content from the preview patches has been reset. However, from now on, all content will be yours to keep. If you’ve purchased coins, the exact number you get back will have changed, but you’ll have at least as much purchasing power as you did before due to the price changes.

We've got more information on the game's launch on our pre-registration page.

That’s all for our progression guide for Legends of Runeterra! There’s a lot to take in but hopefully it all makes sense. Check out our guide hub for more tips on Legends of Runeterra, as well as our page detailing the best decks to try!

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