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Legends of Runeterra downtime - when will ranked be back up?

There's a bit of downtime between seasons.

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At the end of each ranked season of Legends of Runeterra, there's some downtime. Here's when you can play again.

Whether or not you're ranked in Diamond or Iron, you'll have to wait around a bit before getting back onto the ladder.

Legends of Runeterra downtime - when will ranked be back up?

When does the Season of Plunder start?

The open beta season ends on April 28th at 9am PT (5pm BST), and your ranks will reset as outlined in our Legends of Runeterra ranked guide. Ranked queue will then disable for approximately 24 hours, and ranked mode will become available again at 10am PT (6pm BST) on April 29th

You'll earn the rewards owed to you from the beta season upon your first login after downloading the 1.0 patch update.

We've got a whole new Region and over 120 new cards to look forward to in the Season of Plunder. You can find all the info in our Season of Plunder everything you need to know page. We'll keep this page nice and updated for the future, so check back for more information on downtime.

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