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Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass V.3 is arriving with patch 9.20

More rewards on the way very soon.

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Riot Games has announced that a third Teamfight Tactics beta pass is arriving with patch 9.20. Over the course of five weeks, players will earn icons, emotes, arena chromas and a Little Legend egg by completing in-game missions.

By levelling up the new beta pass players can earn the “Storm Rift” arena chroma, two new emotes and three new icons. It also includes a Set 1 Little Legends egg as a thank you to players for participating in the beta. To unlock all of these rewards, players will need to earn a total of 4000 XP.

The Orb of Enlightenment will grant players 70 XP for logging in, and an additional 10 XP for each of the next five games played. To bolster the amount of XP earned, players can complete missions, which Riot admits “will be mostly the same as last time”.

Each week players will get six missions, with two being easy challenges, two simply requiring play time, and two being a little more difficult. Riot has also acknowledged feedback from last season and lowered the amount of time it takes to complete these missions per week.

Riot hasn’t officially announced when patch 9.20 will launch, but it’s likely by the end of this week. If you’re new to Teamfight Tactics, our Item Cheat Sheet will give you the lowdown on what’s worth slapping on your champions.

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