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Team Liquid reverse sweep TSM to win League of Legends LCS Spring Split finals 2019

A must-watch series.

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In easily one of the closest contests in LCS history, Team Liquid pulled off a remarkable upset against TSM to win the LCS Spring Split final.

Every match was a complete slugfest, but TSM managed to pull ahead and emerge with a 2-0 headstart against Team Liquid. Just as everyone thought the momentum was with the leaders, Team Liquid knuckled down and swung things their way with some impeccable play.

Having brought the final to a fifth game decider, Team Liquid had elevated their game to match the occasion and caught TSM out with smart, calculated teamfights. Meanwhile, TSM were obviously rattled and couldn’t find a way to break Liquid’s renewed confidence.

In the final fight of the series, TSM attempted a last-ditch engage on Team Liquid who’d begun tearing down their base - but Liquid saw it coming. It wasn’t long before TSM fell and the Nexus was destroyed.

Unsurprisingly, TSM looked devastated after the loss. They’d been so close to hoisting the trophy but couldn’t stop Team Liquid’s momentum. They've still got a lot of positives to draw from reaching the final and they will likely return even stronger in time for the Summer Split. Let's not forget that their rookie Broken Blade put on some sterling performances and will have even more time to develop with the squad in the off-season.

Team Liquid certainly have a lot to celebrate, though. Not only is this Jensen’s first - and long-awaited - title, it’s also Doublelift’s sixth LCS title which puts him in contention for the best LCS player of all-time. Of course, it’s also a huge victory for the organisation as a whole and cements them as the best North American team.

All of the world’s best teams will gather at the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational and Team Liquid will be out to prove that they can pull off the same sort of upsets against the likes of Korean titans, SKT.

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