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Sneaky becomes independent full time streamer, but will remain Cloud9 owner and advisor

He's stepping away from the pro scene for a little while.

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Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi has made the decision to step away from competitive League of Legends as a member of Cloud9 and move into full time streaming.

Despite the move, Sneaky is quick to mention that this isn’t a permanent retirement as he still has the competitive drive and hopes to compete professionally again one day.

”Streaming has always been there for me as something I enjoy a lot, being able to have fun showing off my skills, connecting with my viewers, and just having fun being myself.” Sneaky said in the statement. “It’s not a permanent retirement, I might return to pro play as I do still have the competitive drive. I just want the best possible opportunity for it and to me that has to start with taking a break.”

Sneaky also mentions the founder and CEO of Cloud9, Jack, who “was helpful during the process in looking for a team”, helped him “find opportunities” and didn’t block him from “finding the right one.”

Rounding off the statement, Sneaky says he’ll remain an owner and advisor of Cloud9, and help them out by “attending some events” and supporting them in various other ways.

There have been rumblings of Sneaky leaving Cloud9 for a while now, at least competitively, so this news won’t come as a surprise to those who follow the scene. This isn’t to say his career is over, far from it. He’s got a huge fan base and his stream consistently brings in big numbers, so becoming a full time streamer will be highly lucrative. Considering he’s got seven years of LCS experience to boot, we wouldn’t be surprised if team offers start pouring in pretty soon too.

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