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Riot lowers Honor Level requirement so more players can access Teamfight Tactics' new update

Good tactic.

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Previously, if players wanted to access the League of Legends Public Beta Environment and access any new Teamfight Tactics updates they would need to reach Honor Level three first. Well, not anymore.

Riot has lowered the Honor Level requirement to access the PBE from three to two, meaning more players can test out the Rise of Elements TFT - and League of Legends - updates before they go live.

There’s no easy way to earn Honor in League of Legends, as you simply need to grind out matches, play your best and hope your teammates commend you at the end of each game. This means it’s great news for everyone, as it’ll require far less game time than usual to test things out on the PBE.

Teamfight Tactics’ Rise of Elements expansion is a huge seasonal refresh for the mode, with plenty of new Champions and Origins to keep things engaging. For more information on everything that’s arriving with the patch, make sure you head on over to the official page.

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