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Leagues of Legends: New Ranked 2019 changes planned for Patches 9.3 - 9.5

A series of improvements are planned in the next batch of updates.

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League of Legends' new ranking system has been in place for several weeks now, but it looks as though Riot Games isn't done tinkering with the re-worked ladder system quite yet.

In a blog post published on the game's official site yesterday evening, the developers have outlined their thoughts on the rollout of the new ranking system, and their plans to continue reiterating on it over time.

First up, bug fixes at launch. When the new ranking system went live, there were issues that prevented players from queuing together (notably where one party's account had been subject to a punishment), and restrictions around pre-mades were also causing issues as well. These problems have now been resolved.

Looking to the future of the ranking system, the developers have the following updates planned to release alongside Patches 9.3 - 9.5:

Patch 9.3

  • New loading screen / borders
  • Split 1 Emote evolves with tier
  • Better LP splashing visuals

Patch 9.4

  • Splashing triggers promo series

Patch 9.5

  • Auto fill protection when in promo series

Those are the features planned for the next handful of patch updates, then, but the team have also identified the following issues which need further investigation:

  • Increasing Autofill LP bonuses
  • Increasing LP penalties for throwing off-position games
  • Splashing between provisional positions

If you'd like more insight on all of these issues, you can learn more via the blog post on the official site.

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