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League of Legends Worlds 2018 Draw Show details announced

Draw process for the Play-In and Group Stages to take place this Sunday.

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The Draw Show for the League of Legends Worlds tournament will take place this Sunday 23rd September at 5:00AM PST. That's 1:00pm BST in the UK, and 2:00pm CEST in mainland Europe.

The process determines how teams are seeded into both the Play-In and Group Stages of the 2018 World Championship, and draws for both stages of the event will take place during the Draw Show.

To set up the starting positions for the Play-In Stage, a total of twelve teams have been seeded into three separate Draw Pools. Placements here are based on each team's performance in major tournaments over the last two years, with a weighting towards recent performance in order to better gauge a team's current strength.

For the Group Stage draw, sixteen teams have been added to the pool. Their positions are based on team performance during 2018 alone.

The rules and mechanisms for ensuring a fair and balanced result are in-depth to say the least, but you can read a comprehensive analysis of the process by visiting the official LoL Esports site. The results from the draw process will also be added to that same site beginning at 5:00AM PST on Sunday.

Worlds 2018 marks the culmination of this year's competitive League of Legends play, and will take place in a number of lcations across South Korea. The Play-In matches will take place in Seoul, while the Group and quarterfinal matches will play out in Busan.

The show then moves on to Gwangju for the semifinals, before making its last stop in Incheon for the final.

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