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League of Legends will get achievements in PBE Patch 9.17

'Eternals' will let players show off their prowess.

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Riot Games is introducing a new champion-based achievement feature to League of Legends called ‘Eternals’. It’s due to arrive on the ‘public beta environment’ (PBE) with patch 9.17, which should mean late this month.

With Eternals, Riot Games didn’t want to push a traditional ‘achievements’ setup featured in many other games. Instead, it focused on hitting a few key goals:

  • Provide players a way to show off their achievements in and out of game.
  • Give players a new progression system beyond Mastery and Ranked.
  • Reward players with unique perks for their success.

This means Eternals aim to find the right balance between “broadly-appealing accomplishments, like kills and takedowns” and “unique, champion-specific moments” like “an Eternal which tracks how many times Sylas kills an enemy with their own ultimate.”

Riot has created a variety of Eternal Statues to create different visual representations of the types of achievements we’ll find in game. The Warrior statue represents damage-based achievements, while the Trickster rewards “deceitful, manipulative mind games”, for example.

Eternals and their achievements are shown off on the back of player cards and there’s an element of progression too. Players can show off their personal bests with a specific champion, and they’ll also upgrade your Mastery Emotes too.

One key thing to note, though. Eternals will only be available to those who purchase them in the store with RP.

Riot offers some clarity on the matter, and says that it looked at how other games like CS:GO and Dota 2 handle similar systems. Initially, it designed Eternals as free and loot-based, but it felt “overly complicated and too punishing an approach”. Instead, it opted to package sets of three eternals for RP, both for simplicity’s sake and to help support the feature moving forwards.

Riot’s already in the process of creating the second set of Eternals and are even “tossing around a few ideas for additional features”. Well, we can’t wait to see them in-game and we’re sure they’ll be a very popular feature.

For a complete overview of Eternals, make sure you head on over to Riot’s official preview page.

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