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League of Legends publishes its year in numbers review of 2018

Nearly 100 million unique viewers tuned in for this year's Worlds finals.

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The official League of Legends esports site has just posted some fascinating insight into the numbers behind the game's biggest moments in 2018.

Significantly, the team has highlighted the eye-watering viewing statistics behind the World Championship Finals between Invictus Gaming and Fnatic.

In total, 99.6 million unique viewers tuned in for at least part of the match, peaking at 44 million peak concurrent visitors. The average minute audience for the match was 19.6 million.

The finals were broadcast in 19 different languages in total, and were hosted on more than 30 different platforms and television channels.

As for the World Championship as a whole, 24 teams participated in the tournament, drawing from 14 Leagues from around the world. 30 nationalities were represented across the competitive roster as well.

The prize money for this year's World Championship was significant too. While Riot itself contributed $2.25million to the overall prize pool, fans raised more than $4.2million.

As for the competitive meta, Aatrox was seen in 99.2% of Worlds matches, picked 42 times and banned 76 times. In terms of popularity, Urgot and Alistar weren't far behind on 96.6% and 95.0% respectively.

If you'd like to dig deeper into these numbers - and those for other significant competitions this year - head over to the official announcement on the game's esport-focused site.

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