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League of Legends All-Star 2018 participants and formats announced

32 pros from around the world come together for the final competitive tournament of the year.

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The League of Legends All-Star 2018 event begins tomorrow, and will see 32 pros from around the world competing in a series of special tournaments.

All attendees will be participating in a special 1 v 1 competition, with a particular eye on beating Uzi, the long-time champion of the format.

In addition there'll also be a charity 2 v 2 tournament, with 16 of the pro players teaming up with a special guest from their region in a duos format. Whoever wins will be able to nominate a charity of their choosing for the prize money.

The East vs West Showdown, on the other hand, will see teams from both halves of the globe competing to see just how close the gap is getting between both sides.

Additionally, there'll be a mix of special rivalry show matches between some of the most famous names in the game, and mixed-team events built around the game's alternate modes.

You can earn some rewards for watching the All-Star Event on the game's official esports site as well. View one match of All-Star on any given day and you'll earn an All-Star icon. Watch twelve matches and you'll unlock the All-Star Super Fan emote.

For full details of the event - and to find out who exactly is taking part - head over the official announcement on the League of Legends site.

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