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League of Legends 9.2 Patch Notes herald the arrival of Season 9 and Sylas

Comprehensive Champion balancing and new skins also included in the latest update.

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The patch notes for League of Legends 9.2 have just been published and outline all of the changes being introduced for Season 9 of LoL.

First up is the new ranking system that's being put in place for 2019. New tiers have been added to better differentiate between player skill levels, and placement matches are also being given a ranking floor based on your first game.

New Champion Sylas also joins the fray with the latest content update. This chain-wielding Champion specialises in closing the gap on his targets and pinching enemy Ultimates. We've got a comprehensive Sylas guide if you'd like to learn more about this latest addition to the LoL roster.

The usual collection of buffs and nerfs are also featured in the patch notes, with Irelia and Galio being two of the most prominent examples. It's a pretty comprehensive balancing effort that takes in a huge number of Champions, so head over to the notes themselves for a breakdown of who's getting tweaked and how.

More skins have also been prepared for the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day events on the horizon. Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, Firecracker Vayne and Firecracker Sejuani are all available for the former. The latter will see the launch of Heartpiercer Fiora and Heartbreaker Vi.

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