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League of Legends 8.18 Patch Notes outline changes ahead of World Championship

Champion changes, Odyssey: Extraction and new cosmetics now live.

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The patch notes for League of Legends 8.18 have been published by Riot, highlighting a series of Champion changes designed to provide a positive impact on the upcoming World Championship.

Many of the changes are designed to either buff or nerf the performance of certain Champions at particular stages of the game.

Riot's hope is that this will lead to a more interesting pick-ban process, with less automatic choices and a firm eye on reigning in those likely to assume dominance as a result of the changes. Take a look through the full patch notes for an overview of what's new for each Champion.

Elsewhere in the patch notes a host of bugfixes are outlined, along with a change to minimap icons. These will now scale better with the size of the minimap itself, allowing players with bigger screen space to enjoy a cleaner UI experience.

As we've covered elsewhere on Metabomb, there's also a new in-game event called Odyssey: Extraction. The mode will be available until October 9th 2018 and is described by Riot as a co-op fight through hordes of aliens. Take a look at our League of Legends: Odyssey Extraction guide if you'd like to learn more.

A series of Odyssey-themed skins have also been added to the game, with Kayn, Yasuo, Jinx, Sona, Malphite and Ziggs all receiving a new cosmetic look based on the in-game event. You can view the official artwork for the new skins in the gallery a little further up the page.

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