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Kayle and Morgana League of Legends reworks teased in new trailer

Makeovers incoming for two of League's longest-standing champions.

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Two of League of Legends’ original champions, Kayle and Morgana, are finally getting a rework.

Riot Games delivered the news via a teaser trailer shared on its social media channels, and which we’ve linked just below:

On a purely cosmetic level, both champions appear to have been modernised with a makeover. They’ve now got fancy new appearances, voice lines and ability effects.

It’s hard to identify exactly what’s changed beyond those surface improvements, although it does look as though Kayle has a revamped look when activating her Ultimate ability. It also seems to have a couple of extra tweaks to give it a bit more punch. Overall though, she seems to have retained her classic auto-attacking style.

When using her Ultimate, it’s clear Kayle still becomes invulnerable for a short period of time and gains increased range with her auto attacks. Additionally, it seems as though she’s also gained the ability to cleave multiple enemies with these attacks, as well as rain down swords from the sky in what looks to be a powerful AoE attack.

Morgana's changes, on the other hand, don't seem to represent as much of a drastic departure from how she plays on the live servers right now. She’s retained practically all of her abilities, but they’ve been given a drastic visual overhaul.

It won’t be long before Riot officially announces their reworks and it’s likely the new and improved Kayle and Morgana will be released on test servers in the next few weeks.

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