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Kai'Sa is the next Teamfight Tactics champion, and she's playable on the PBE right now

I predict a riot.

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Riot Games has announced that Kai’Sa will be the next champion arriving in Teamfight Tactics with patch 9.19, and she’s playable on the PBE right this second.

Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer delivered the surprise announcement last night over on twitter and confirmed she’ll be a Void, Ranger & Assassin who will cost 5 gold.

Kai’Sa’s ability allows her to dash past the furthest enemy on the board, while gaining a shield and plenty of attack speed for a few seconds too. All of the Rangers currently in the game are often stowed in the corner of a board and glued there for the duration of a match, which isn’t the most engaging playstyle, to say the least. Kai’Sa’s mobility means she won’t suffer the same fate - wonderful stuff.

Mort describes Kai’Sa’s base attack damage being low, but she’ll come equipped with the highest base attack speed in the game to compensate. This should make her perfect for stacking a Guinsoo’s or activating a Stattik Shiv.

Kai’Sa’s arrival also signals a new tweak to the Void trait. Mort says that Riot is “happy with the true damage as a counter to strong defense”, but “it’s a little too easy to get it going in the early game with 3 low cost units”. Due to this, Void will now work a little more like the Imperial trait.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • [2]: One of your Void units deals true damage.
  • [4]: All of your Void units deal true damage.

Riot hopes this trait switch up will reduce Void’s dominance in the early game, but still give these champions options to scale into the late game.

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