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G2's Perkz and Caps will swap lanes for the LEC 2020 Spring Split

Of course they are.

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Yes, it’s official - G2 Esports is shifting its roster around again. Luka “Perkz” Perkovic will return to the mid lane, while Rasmus “Caps” Winther will take his spot as ADC in the bot lane.

G2 Esports’ co-founder Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago confirmed the news in an interview with ESPN.

"It either doesn't work at all, in which case that's great, we have the summer split and they'll re-swap then. Then we have a mental edge and now the real s--- starts. Or then it works and whatever we pick, no one will know where it's going. That's the best case scenario."

G2’s strength has always been its flexibility. All of its team members are so individually skilled they can essentially play anything, in any role. So much so, they’ve mixed up their positions in the past and had enormous success from it. Perkz moved from the mid to the bot, and Caps was brought in to fill the midlane position. And guess what? They reached the final of worlds and were easily the best team in Europe.

While it certainly comes as a surprise that they’re switching things up, both Perkz and Caps have been hinting at it for a little while now. Check their twitter feeds and you’ll see allusions to the swap, which were only originally question marked because of the team’s notorious tendency to troll and joke around.

Given the team’s individual skill, this roster swap should pose no threat to their performance in the LEC 2020 Spring Split. If anything, it could be the mental reset they need to excel and improve as they work towards Worlds this year. We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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