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G2 Perkz believes Riot Games should remove League of Legends Rift Rivals event

He's definitely not a fan.

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Riot Games has announced the third edition of Rift Rivals, but one player in particular has voiced his resentment towards the cross-region event.

G2 Esports’ botlaner Luka “Perkz” Perkovic has always spoken his mind and during a recent Twitch stream, he certainly didn’t hold back.

”Honestly, I couldn’t care less about Rift Rivals. I don’t really think this tournament has a place in such a stacked season already. I think Riot should remove Rift Rivals. And the fact that we actually have to fly to NA is even worse. We already fly so much.”

Despite lengthy spells of arduous travel being a given in the world of esports, Perkz does have a point.

G2 - like many other teams - have a gruelling travel schedule. After the LCS concluded, they flew to Taipei for MSI 2019 and travelled back to Berlin. The LEC Summer Split is due to kick off soon, and only three weeks into the Split they’ll need fly over to Los Angeles to compete in Rift Rivals.

The LEC has a break after Rift Rival concludes, but that’s still an extra trip over to Los Angeles on top of all their other commitments. What’s more, it’s an event which ultimately holds no weight as teams compete for bragging rights, not a major title. It’s no surprise that Perkz isn’t exactly enamoured by the idea, then.

For those unfamiliar with Rift Rivals, it’s a small tournament circuit where regions face off against their “rivals”. EU take on NA, while Korea, China and Taiwan all battle to see who’s really the best. It’s viewership isn’t close to that of other major events, though and Riot scaled back the event this year as smaller regional rivalries simply weren’t doing the numbers.

Rift Rivals takes place between June 24th -27th this year, but it remains to be seen if Riot will keep it in the calendar as a regular fixture moving forwards.

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