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G2 dominate Origen to win League of Legends LEC Spring Split finals 2019

Origen never stood a chance.

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In an incredibly one-sided affair, G2 esports swept through Origen in the LEC Spring Split Grand Finals to take home the trophy.

G2 have been almost unstoppable throughout the Spring Split and their showing in the Grand Finals proved that they’re a team capable of performing on the big stage. So much so that they’re being widely regarded as the most dominant team Europe has ever seen.

Origen were never able to gain a foothold as G2 dominated proceedings in all three games, to the point where watching highlights of all three games will only set you back 20 minutes. G2 even pulled off a record breaking final game, having produced the fastest victory in European League of Legends history at only 18 minutes and 31 seconds.

For G2, this victory only serves to validate the fact that they’re the best in Europe. They’ll now be looking towards the Mid-Season Invitational and seeing if they can perform against some of the best teams in the world.

Despite a stomping, Origen won’t be licking their wounds for long. This was their first split as a roster and they can take pride in the fact they swatted away some tough competition to even reach the finals. They’ll only learn from this loss, move forwards and grow as a team.

Europe’s best will be there when the Mid-Season Invitational begins on 1st May, so keep an eye on our homepage for all the latest when the event kicks off.

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