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Co-streaming pilot announced for this weekend's LCS Regional Qualifiers

Grab your mic and show off your talents to the Twitch community.

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If you've ever fancied yourself as a League of Legends caster, this weekend will give you the perfect opportunity to show off your skills as part of a co-streaming pilot being launched by Riot Games.

Twitch streamers are being offered the chance to tap into the official stream of the LCS Regional Qualifier taking place between the 14th-16th September, and broadcast their talents to the world.

In order to take part in the scheme, you'll need to first of all incorporate the official NA LCS Regional Qualifiers stream into your chosen streaming software, and then categorise your stream as League of Legends. To get your stream noticed and maybe gain some new fans, make use of the #NALCS hashtag as well.

Here's an embed of the official stream you'll need to make use of:

Certain restrictions apply if you want to take part in the scheme. You can leave an archive of your broadcast VOD on your Twitch channel, for example, but you can't reproduce that content - edited or otherwise - on platforms such as YouTube. Other platforms may be available for future co-streaming programmes, but this time around it's strictly for Twitch.

Streamers are free to continue monetising their channels throughout the event, although Riot asks that this is done in a responsible manner, and without interruption to individual matches.

For a full overview of the restrictions - and to make sure you don't fall foul of any DMCA issues - head over to the official announcement which contains all the detail you'll need to get started.

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