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Camouflage changes announced in League of Legends 8.21 Patch Notes

Alongside champion tweaks, audio fixes and new skins.

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The League of Legends patch notes for updates 8.21 have been published by Riot, highlighting camouflage changes, champion tweaks and more in the run up to preseason.

First things first, Riot aims to improve the way camouflage (stealth) works in the game. While players “shouldn’t notice any difference for the most part”, the way that turrets interact with camouflage has been changed entirely.

”As part of our cleanup work, turrets no long block line of sight, since they don’t block line of sight for anything else.”

Naturally, a handful of champions whose kit centre around stealth have been hit hardest by the change. Evelynn, Twitch, Rengar and Pyke will find sneaking up on their enemies a tougher affair now.

As with almost every set of patch notes, a handful of champions have received some tweaks. Most notably, Alistar’s base health has been reduced significantly from 613 all the way down to 573. Riot felt that players “should be able to punish him for overly greedy dives” and it’s clear that his strong standing in the current metagame will take a tumble.

For all the champions changes, take a look through the full patch notes.

Elsewhere, there are changes to the Edge of Night and Essence Reaver items, as well as audio tweaks for Gragas and “On My Way” Pings - not to mention the usual host of bug fixes too.

Finally, a new series of Skins and Chromas are being added to the game. One set is themed after Halloween, with Janna, Kled and Ekko all getting spooky new outfits. There is another “K/DA” themed set arriving once the Worlds 2018 afterparty gets underway, with Ahri, Akali, Kai’Sa and Evelynn all receiving unique skins too. On top of this, anyone who earns 2500 Worlds Tokens will be able to unlock the “Prestige Kai’Sa” skin - nice.

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