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Winter Veil has arrived in Hearthstone

Deck your opponents this Christmas.

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It’s so festive in Hearthstone right now, even the Lich King has cracked a smile. That’s right, Winter Veil has arrived with a brand new Christmassy Tavern Brawl to get stuck into, as well as a lovely little quest which’ll reward you with some card packs.

Winter Veil runs through now until 31st December 2018, and if you log in right now you’ll spot a quest called “Happy Winter Veil”. Play a total of 100 cards in “Play” mode and you’ll be rewarded with four card packs from The Boomsday Project expansion.

The new Tavern Brawl, “Returns and Exchanges”, will have you selecting a hero and building a deck of 20 minions. Ten random spell cards will be thrown in to round off the deck, and at the beginning of each match each player goes about their mulligan as normal. The big twist is that each player then gifts their deck to the other.

What’s more, each player only has 20 health, and each “gifted” deck comes with a 5 mana Gift Receipt card. When it’s played, it refreshes a player’s mana crystals, swaps the decks again, and destroys the opponent’s Gift Receipt - yikes.

When going about building your Tavern Brawl deck, you’ll want to keep in mind what you’d want for mulligan, what you definitely wouldn’t want your opponent to play, and what you may want to draw if your opponent decides to return your gift. There’s a lot to consider!

Win a match in the Tavern Brawlduring Winter Veil and you’ll receive the wonderfully festive Winter Veil Treat card back. Here’s what it looks like:

The old Winter Veil favourite, “Gift Exchange Brawl” also makes a return to the Tavern. Greatfather Winter will drop gift crates across the battlefield, and if you smash them open you’ll get to Discover a card from your Class or your opponent’s depending on which side of the field the crate was on.

If you’ve already received the Winter Veil Treat card back, this brawl will award you with a Classic card pack instead.

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