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Wild packs now available to purchase online - Hearthstone

Single player Adventures also go on sale once more.

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This news passed us by when it broke late last night, but if you're looking to get into Hearthstone's Wild format - but don't have a big collection of historical cards - you can now purchase card packs for those expansions and Adventures that have since been rotated out of the Standard format.

Note that you can only actually purchase these decks through Blizzard's online store right now, which means there's no buying them with your in-game Gold reserves. Instead, you'll have to pony up $2.99 per card pack from The Grand Tournament and Goblins vs Gnomes card sets.

The Blackrock Mountain, Curse of Naxxramas and League of Explorers Adventures can also be purchased for $24.99 each. These more expensive bundles contain Hearthstone's historical single-player content, which each provide a complete set of around 30 cards cards if you can beat every challenge on offer.

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For those unfamiliar with the Wild format, it allows you to craft decks using any cards from any expansions and Adventures that have ever been released for the game. This is in contrast to the Standard format, where you're limited to using sets released within specific two-year windows. This helps prevent card requirements from getting out of control as old and new players attempt to keep up with the competitive scene.

Hearthstone's sixth expansion - Knights of the Frozen Throne - should be launching in the next couple of weeks, and will add another 135 cards to the growing Hearthstone catalogue! Keep an eye on the homepage for all the latest expansion reveals as they happen.

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