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When RNG Attacks #1 - Hearthstone

Do you like to play with fire?

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Well, this is painful. If you've ever found yourself BM-ing someone as you confidently approach the finishing line, only to have the worst luck trash your finishing move, you'll have some sympathy for Disguised Toast this morning.

In the clip above, you'll see him neatly set things up so as to finish off the opponent with one remaining points of health, and despite the presence of a Sunwalker. How so?

Well, even though he only has four points of damage on the board - and the Sunwalker five points of health - he has a Silvermoon Portal in his hand. Not only will this add an extra two points of damage to his board, allowing him to kill the taunt and the opponent with his remaining 1/1, it'll also summon a new minion into play.

Nice, eh? Well, unless you summon a Wild Pyromancer which deals 1 damage to everything whenever a spell is cast that is...

Commiserations to Toast, and a timely reminder for the rest of us to save that BM for when the last man standing has got the last job done.

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  • Phoenix4217 #1 3 years ago
    Yeah, that clip was absolutely heartbreaking...
    And hilarious. That too.