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Watch: Trolden Funny and Lucky Moments #294 - Hearthstone

All hail the Evolve RNG.

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A new Funny and Lucky Moments video was posted by YouTuber Trolden yesterday evening, and it's safe to say that RNG fans are going to have a lot to get excited about this week.

Episode #294 of the long-running and incredibly popular Hearthstone series highlights some truly extraordinary Evolve Shaman outcomes this week. There's an almost impossibly unlucky Feugen and Stalagg dual summon to enjoy, a very fortunate Sergeant Sally, and the kind of Hail Mary Baron Geddon transformation that most of us can only dream of.

Later on in the video there's some pretty gut-wrenching Lyra Sunshard misfortune to enjoy as well, not to mention an Exodia Quest Mage player put under exceptional pressure by a a Nozdormu transformation - nobody what's to be in that position, playing that particular deck.

We'll be highlighting these amazing videos more frequently on Metabomb going forwards, but make sure you give Trolden a thumbs-up if you enjoyed this week's video, and consider subscribing to the channel as well if you'd like to see more of it in your feed!

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